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POSTED ON December 26th  - POSTED IN Ratings: Class A

NSWCA Class A Top 10 Meet/Dual Teams and Top 6 Individuals   #2


Top 10 Class A Meet Teams

  1. Lincoln East
  2. Kearney
  3. Gretna
  4. Omaha Burke
  5. Columbus
  6. Millard South
  7. Papillion LaVista
  8. Norfolk
  9. Fremont
  10. Millard West

Rater: Todd Porter Bellevue East

COMMENTS: As I said 2 weeks ago…it appears to be a 3 team race right now, and I have to move Lincoln East to the top…at least for now, after they won the 39 team Council Bluffs Classic, beating Kearney by 35.5 points, along with Fort Dodge, Iowa and Apple Valley, Minnesota……pretty impressive!.. I know Kearney proceeded to win the Grand Island Fracas the following weekend….But…that IS a DUAL Tourney…soo…lets split the #1s for NOW.. Lincoln East gets #1 in Meets, and Kearney gets #1 for Duals.  A lot of play left in the season.. still time for Gretna and Omaha Burke to gain ground on the 2 frontrunners…Gretna with depth, and Burke with their 3 State Individual title frontrunners, which scores a lot of State Meet points. However, barring injury, I fully expect Lincoln East and Kearney to battle it out at the end, first in Omaha, then in Kearney.  Should be a great second half!  Anybody wishing to send me info for the rankings is welcome (…I appreciate it!

Happy Holidays guys…enjoy the time off !


Top 10 Class A Dual Teams

  1. Kearney
  2. Lincoln East
  3. Gretna
  4. Millard South
  5. Omaha Burke
  6. Columbus
  7. Norfolk
  8. Lincoln Southwest
  9. Grand Island
  10. Papillion LaVista

Rater: Michael Jernigan Omaha Westside

COMMENTS: The Grand Island Fracas was a big help on moving some of the teams around.  Kearney remains #1 based on beating both Lincoln East (34-27) and Gretna (39-24), leading to the switch from last rankings with the latter two teams, since it appears LE gave Kearney a bit more trouble.  Millard West Duals and Omaha Metro Duals will be key events in future for more head to head battles.  There looks to be 3 real deep teams in Class A this season, Keareny, Lincoln East, and Gretna, with about 10 other teams with 3-4 very solid, State Medalist type kids in their lineups, along with a number of less experienced kids…interesting year shaping up, dual wise!


Top 6 Class A Individuals


  1. Jakason Burks Omaha Burke
  2. Gabe Durden Papillion LaVista South
  3. Dalen Ritchie Kearney
  4. Nic Swift Lincoln East
  5. Juan Pedro Grand Island
  6. Clay Cerny Columbus

COMMENTS: If it isn’t broke, don’t change it…so Burks 8 – 0 showing at the Fracas keeps him #1….with pins over the new #5 Pedro and new #6 Cerny.  Durden moves to #2, and Ritchie and Swift climb to #3 & #4, after Ritchie’s 5-3 win at the Fracas.  106 is always tough to figure early, until we see who the top newcomers are…no different this year…sure this bunch will change moving forward.


  1. Ladamien Sturdivant Omaha Bryan
  2. Blake Jackson Millard South
  3. Emilio Haynes Omaha Central
  4. Darian Diaz North Platte
  5. Gage Ferguson Kearney
  6. Leyton Tuma Gretna

COMMENTS: Sturdivant becomes the first Bryan wrestler under Coach Jason Susnjar to be rated #1 in these rankings, based on his 1 – 0 decision over Jackson in the Finals @Ralston…congrats!  Whether he can repeat the feat @ Metros, and State, is yet to be seen. Haynes is a tough guy here as well, and do NOT overlook super FR Diaz from North Platte…I saw him beat a really good FR of my own, and he is the real deal…going 8 – 0 at the Fracas, and majoring #6 Tuma, and also previously rated Kobza of Columbus.


  1. Maxx Mayfield Lincoln East
  2. Cody Niemec Papillion LaVista
  3. Cody Fielder Fremont
  4. Camden Russell Millard West
  5. Jordan Barber North Platte
  6. Connor Knopick  Millard South

COMMENTS: Mayfield remains @ #1, after going 8 – 0 at the Fracas, with Niemec staying #2 after also going 8 – 0 at the Fracas, with both comfortably beating the #6 and #5 guys, respectively.  Could be a good Final @ State, although Huskermat has implied Niemec may be dropping to 113 after Christmas?  The rest of the top 6 are all solid guys, most state medalists, ensuring 120 will be a competitive weight all year.


  1. Phillip Moomey Kearney
  2. Van Schmidt Gretna
  3. Nolan Niemic Papillion LaVista
  4. Carter Kucera Columbus
  5. Cole Zebley Millard West
  6. Nathan Rizek Lincoln East

COMMENTS: Moomey continues as the prohibitive favorite here, rolling @ the Fracas with 7 pins and a tech fall.  I don’t see anybody beating him.  Unfortunately, Schmidt was out, as Gretna and Kearney dualed in GI…so we wait to see that matchup until later. Both #3 Niemec and #4 Kucera went 8 – 0 at the Fracas, with the Papio star getting the #3 nod due to beating previously ranked Scott of North Platte 7 -1, while Kucera edged Scott 10 – 8 in OT.  Solid weight class!


  1. Cody Carlson Fremont
  2. Jack Huffman Millard West
  3. Trevor Fauver Gretna
  4. Emerson Urbina Grand Island
  5. Corbin Sindel Lincoln Northeast
  6. Gage McBride Kearney

COMMENTS: Carlson remains #1, easily winning the Ralston Invite, continuing his unbeaten season.  Huffman stays #2, by virtue of the opening weekend loss to Carlson.  Fauver went  7 – 0 at the Fracas to hold at #3, beating #6 McBride 2 – 1 in GI, while Urbina stays ranked #4 for now, although he has NOT been in the lineup for GI. (Mendoza GI has done well, and may emerge here soon).  Sindel remains a definite threat to move up.


  1. Nick James Kearney
  2. Tyler Cunningham Gretna
  3. Adam Kinnaman Lincoln East
  4. Creighton Baughman Papillion LaVista
  5. Jake Oltman Lincoln Southwest
  6. Zack Kuta Grand Island

COMMENTS: James solidly reaffirmed his #1 ranking by beating #2 Cunningham 5 – 1 at the Fracas, his only loss, while also handling #3 Kinnaman 19 – 7. Cunningham pinned #5 Oltman, while Kinnaman also lost 4 -3 to  Class B #1 Laux of Hastings. Baughman went 8 – 0 at the Fracas, without running into any serious competition, registering 6 quick pins, and 2 forfeits. Kuta appears to have been DQed in his 1st match verses tough Manhatten, KS. @ the Fracas.


  1. Chance Fry Lincoln East
  2. Ronnell Wells Omaha North
  3. Derek Wagstaff Bellevue East
  4. Teontae Wilson Kearney
  5. Levi May Millard West
  6. Braxton Betancur Lincoln SE

COMMENTS: Fry holds his #1 ranking with a 7 – 0 showing @ the Fracas, with his only real test a 4 – 2 win over Class B #4 DeLancey of Bennington. Wells remains out, but…is a defending State Champ. Wagstaff moved to 14 – 0 at Christmas to stay #3. Wilson’s only Fracas loss was a pin by Fry, while unranked Benak of Papio South gave him a 3 – 2 match, and is certainly another name that is rankable. Betancur’s only Fracas loss was by pin to Wilson…but…he beat Benak 9 – 2.


  1. DaShawn Dixon Lincoln East
  2. Cole Huss Gretna
  3. Jud Kucera Kearney
  4. Kolton Silva Grand Island
  5. Ethan Valencia Millard West
  6. Tre’Vion Williams Omaha Central

COMMENTS: Dixon looks great at 152, going 7 – 0 at the Fracas, handing a tough Manhatten, KS kid his only loss there, 7 – 5. He then handed #2 Huss a 10 – 2 major, followed up by majoring #4 Silva 9 – 0.  Very solid…tough to beat! Kucera lost to both Dixon (pin) and Huss (4 – 0) to stay #3.   #6 Williams won Platteview.


  1. James Burks Omaha Burke
  2. Cody Everhart Gretna
  3. Isaac Trumble Millard South
  4. Micah Odell Lincoln East
  5. Aiden Williams Grand Island
  6. Carson Zwingman Columbus

COMMENTS: Burks DID take a rare loss to a KS stud, 1 – 0 to Harper of Manhatten, but…pinned #s 5 & 6 later, and remains one of Class A’s best bets to win his 3rd straight State title. Loves a challenge, and has the skills and moxie to win almost any bout.  #2 Everhart also got his only Fracas loss to Harper, but it was by 8 – 2.  #3 Trumble remains undefeated (19 – 0) at Christmas, and is super tough as well. #4 Odell was out in GI, but his replacement, Kammerer, went 7 – 1, also losing only to Harper by tech fall (this Harper must be a hammer in KS!), showcasing Lincoln East’s ridiculous depth.


  1. Isaiah Alford Lincoln High
  2. Braiden Ruffin North Platte
  3. Matt Sorich Millard West
  4. Kobe Everson Gretna
  5. Grant Lyman Lincoln East
  6. Tyler Nawrocki Bellevue East

COMMENTS: Alford continues unbeaten at #1, after his 2nd weekend major decision over 2 time defending Champ Ruffin (in fairness, coming off shoulder surgery, with little mat time prior)….Ruffin pounded Nawrocki by a tech fall the next day, and 170 definitely has some firepower at the top, especially the top 4…as #3 Sorich is a machine, I believe undefeated so far, and #4 Everson went 7 – 1 at the Fracas, only losing 6 – 4 to Ruffin. Super weight!


  1. Lance Jarrett Gretna
  2. Andrew Muthersbaugh Lincoln East
  3. Kasten Grape Columbus
  4. Trajen Linear Papillion LaVista South
  5. Steven Burumen Kearney
  6. Nolan Johnston Omaha Westside

COMMENTS: Jarrett continues at #1 after going 8 – 0 at the Fracas, including wins over #3 Grape (11 – 1 major) and #5 Burumen (pin 3:37). Unfortunately, he and #2 Muthersbaugh did NOT run into each other at the Fracas, with the LE stalwart also going 8 – 0, with only 1 tough match – 3 – 1 in OT verses Kearney’s Stahlbird, currently unranked. Stahlbird went 6 – 1, but wrestled both 182/195, including an injury win over #2 195er Soucek of Gretna.  Lenear went 7 – 1 at the Fracas, with a loss to a Wyoming kid who went 8 – 0. Still some unranked kids here who could move up.


  1. Dylan Miller Omaha Burke
  2. Caloway Soucek Gretna
  3. Anthony DeAnda Columbus
  4. Jarrett Myers Lincoln Southwest
  5. Isaiah Stahlbird Kearney
  6. Dalton Freiberg Norfolk

COMMENTS: #1 Miller continues his winning ways, going 8 – 0 at the Fracas, including a pin over #3 DeAnda in 5:48, while also beating #6 Freiberg 6 -2. Soucek jumps into the rankings at #2, on the strength of his 12 – 3 major win over previously #2 ranked DeAnda @ the Fracas, although Stahlbird beat him on injury default. Stahlbird’s a bit of a wildcard, as he appears to be a 182, who gave the #2 there an OT match, while splitting time at both weights.  I sit him at #5 here for now…will be interesting to see what Coach Swarm decides to do with is 182/195ers moving forward.  Myers appears to have been out at the Fracas, and stays #4.


  1. Matt Montgomery Norfolk
  2. Conner Fee Gretna
  3. Garrett Rollag Creighton Prep
  4. Gavin Peitzmeyer Millard South
  5. Sean Jackson Kearney
  6. Caden Boesiger Lincoln Southwest

COMMENTS: Montgomery stay put at #1, after going 8 – 0 at the Fracas, including a 6 – 2 win over #6 Boesiger, in what appears to be one of the Fracas weaker overall weight classes. Fee moves to #2 (not in Media to papers….I just caught that Fee beat Rollag 3 – 2 in a Dec 12 dual), with Rollag at #3.  Peitzmeyer is 20 -0, with 15 pins (every match he has wrestled) so….should be good at Metros to see #3 and #4 square off. Jackson is another mystery, as he wrestled both 195 and 220 at the Fracas…..lots of decisions/wrestle offs at Kearney!


  1. Lee Harrington Kearney
  2. Ty Reynolds Bellevue West
  3. Jack Hasz Creighton Prep
  4. Conner Cowling Norfolk
  5. Cole Patterson Papillion LaVista
  6. Markell Jackson Lincoln SW

COMMENTS: Defending Champ Harrington remains a clear #1 here, after pinning 6 of 7 foes in under 1 minute (the other pinned in 3:15) at the Fracas. Big and strong, with a ton of confidence.  I got to see #2 Reynolds myself recently, and he remains undefeated, and looks very good in his move up from 220 to Hwt.  He and #3 Hasz (who has a 9 – 1 loss to Herrington at the CB Classic a few weeks ago) should be a good match at the Metros, unless #5 Patterson has a say!  Cowling went 8 – 0 at the Fracas, including a 9 – 2 win over new #6 Jackson, and a 6 – 3 win over #5 Patterson, and continues to be a tough closer for Norfolk.

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