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TOP 10 CLASS A MEET TEAMS #1  12/7/17

  1. Kearney
  2. Gretna
  3. Lincoln East
  4. Omaha Burke
  5. Columbus
  6. Millard South
  7. Papillion LaVista
  8. Norfolk
  9. Fremont
  10. Millard West

Rater: Todd Porter Bellevue East

COMMENTS:  It is far too early to gauge much with any certainty the final lineups everybody will have.  That will really take until AFTER Christmas, as many teams on opening weekend were definitely missing kids who WILL be in the lineup soon, whether due to injuries, or whatever reasons.  One thing for sure…Kearney IS for real, and Gretna and Lincoln East should be their top challengers. After those top 3…a lot of uncertainty!  There do not seem to be many “deep” teams after the top 3, with many squads having 3 – 5 very good, State Medalist possible kids…with teams like Burke having the most who could actually win a State title.  There are probably 10 teams after Burke that could finish in the Top 10 at State, depending on who gets better as the season progresses, injuries, and so forth.  Makes for an interesting season guys…that much is for sure!  We will see how things “shake out” after Christmas, Break, when lineups solidify, and we really see more head up matchups….the Metro Meet in mid January is always a key barometer…although the Kearney weekend opening meet was certainly big for opening weekend!


TOP 10 CLASS A DUAL TEAMS #1  12/7/17

1. Kearney

2. Lincoln East

3. Gretna

4. Millard West
5. Millard South
6. Grand Island
7. Lincoln Southwest
8. Burke
9. North Platte
10. Fremont

RATER: Michael Jernigan  Omaha Westside

COMMENTS: Top 10 doesn’t change much since some teams have not had any duals yet or have not had duals of significance.  Fremont is off to a good start winning 3 duals early in the season.  Millard West stays in the top 5 even with the loss to Prep.  They were missing numerous guys in there lineup that will be point scorers in Feb.  This weekend North Platte is in the Metro at Bell East Duals.  Multiple teams will be in CB for the head smasher tournament with over 140 ranked wrestlers.  The Fracas will really shake out some teams for the Top 10 next week.  9 of the top 10 teams are still west of 144th street.

Top 6 Individuals


  1. Jakason Burks Omaha Burke
  2. Eliceo Ramirez Grand Island
  3. Leyton Tuma Gretna
  4. Gabe Durden Papillion LaVista South
  5. Eric Swift Lincoln East
  6. Dalen Ritchie Kearney

COMMENTS:  Burks looks VERY tough right now…nobody seems to be close to him in the early going. Could be several others surface at the always hard to figure early 1106 weight class!


  1. Blake Jackson Millard South
  2. Ladamien Sturdivant Omaha Bryan
  3. Camden Russell Millard West
  4. Emilio Haynes Omaha Central
  5. Gage Ferguson Kearney
  6. Tanner Kobza Columbus

COMMENTS:  Jackson has taken an early loss to a tough Iowa kid, but is the solid early favorite here after winning the State Title @ 106 last year.  Obviously, one to watch is young gun Ferguson from Kearney, who has an impressive kid’s resume. A solid, pretty deep weight, with some other underclassmen poised to make noise not listed here…yet!


  1. Maxx Mayfield Lincoln East
  2. Cody Niemec Papillion LaVista
  3. Cody Fielder Fremont
  4. Jordan Barber North Platte
  5. Jason Hurd Omaha North
  6. Conor Knopick Millard South

COMMENTS: Mayfield is the early favorite for sure, coming off his fine FR season that saw him finish 2nd @ 113.  Niemic was 3rd, and Fielder 6th a year ago, and both look tough.  Barber was 6th @ 120 a year ago….so this weight has some depth.  Waiting to see what talented newcomers surface as the season progresses.


  1. Phillip Moomey Kearney
  2. Van Schmidt Gretna
  3. Nolan Niemic Papillion LaVista
  4. Cole Zebley Millard West
  5. Jayson Scott NorthPlatte
  6. Nathan Rizek Lincoln East

COMMENTS:  Moomey is simply THE MAN..for good reason…he wrestled all over the country this past offseason, winning everywhere he went against the best in the country, after cruising to the 120 State title last season. Newcomer Schmidt won Class B…and many think can give the Kearney stud a run….if they meet in Omaha in February…it will be one of the most anticipated matches of State! Niemic and Zebley are both returning Medalists, and tough as nails……should be a good weight this season!


  1. Cody Carlson Fremont
  2. Trevor Fauver Gretna
  3. Jack Huffman Millard West
  4. Carter Kucera Columbus
  5. Emerson Urbina Grand Island
  6. Corbin Sindel Lincoln Northeast

COMMENTS: Carlson, 4th @ 126 a year ago…jumps to #1 on the strength of his shocking 13-4 Finals win over Huffman (2nd @ 120 to Moomey) @his own season opening Fremont tourney – a treat for the home fans no doubt!  Fauver was 4th in B, while Kucera, 4th @ 113 a year ago..beat some solid kids to win the Kearney meet.  Some tough kids here for sure!


  1. Nick James Kearney
  2. Tyler Cunningham Gretna
  3. Adam Kinnaman Lincoln East
  4. Creighton Baughman Papillion LaVista
  5. Jake Oltman Lincoln Southwest
  6. Zack Kuta Grand Island

COMMENTS:  James is the prohibitive favorite here, after his 2nd place finish @ 132…he looks determined to stand atop the podium in February after being denied a year ago.  Cunningham was 5th in B, and Kinnaman, the LSE transfer, earned his 3rd State medal by nabbing 3rd @ 126.  Oltman returns after missing State last year, but medaling in 2016, while Kuta go t3rd last year @ 138.  How do you say “DEEP WEIGHT?”  138 is certainly one of Class A’s best ……a bit surprising some of them do not try to “separate” up or down…..


  1. Chance Fry Lincoln East
  2. Ronnell Wells Omaha North
  3. Derek Wagstaff Bellevue East
  4. Teontae Wilson Kearney
  5. Levi May Millard West
  6. Josh Benak Papillion LaVista South

COMMENTS: Fry is the returning 132 State Champ….pulling what some thought was a bit of an upset over Kearney’s James in the finals….but he will certainly have his work cut out with fellow returning State Champion (138) Wells of North, fresh off starting on North’s football state champions, and late to start wrestling, missing the opening North High Invite. That will be a great match.  Wagstaff, 5th at 138 in 2017…gets the nod at #3, after giving Wells a 4-2 match in the 1/4s. May got 6th @ 132, and Wilson started strong, winning the tough Kearney Invite opening weekend.  Benak cannot be ignored…dangerous kid!


  1. DaShawn Dixon Lincoln East
  2. Cole Huss Gretna
  3. Jud Kucera Kearney
  4. Kolton Silva Grand Island
  5. Ethan Valencia Millard West
  6. Tre’Vion Williams Omaha Central

COMMENTS: Another transfer to Lincoln East, Dixon sat out last year with personal issues, leaving Hastings, and surfaced at LE this Fall, after being one of the state’s most dominant and exciting wrestlers in winning 145 in 2016. Although beaten @ 160 5-2 by James Burks of Omaha Burk (after Moomey…as good a pound for pounder as there is in A, or the state) at Kearney opening weekend, Dixon has found the right spot at 152. Nobody looks close right now. . Huss got a 4th at State last year, but few others have a state medal at this weight…look for some changing names in the rankings here as the season goes along.


  1. James Burks Omaha Burke
  2. Cody Everhart Gretna
  3. Isaac Trumble Millard South
  4. Micah Odell Lincoln East
  5. Aiden Williams Grand Island
  6. Carson Zwingman Columbus

COMMENTS: One name: BURKS…all needed to know…2 timer state Champ, looking to continue his march to 4 titles, Burks is simply a stud…he is such a talented athlete, coupled with his fierce competitive drive (Look at him in football this past Fall! WOW!). James seems to thrive on the toughest competition…and it would take A LOT to beat him.. Everhart was 3rd in B, and looks to be his toughest competition early. Trumble earned a 5th place State medal last year, at 160, and will again be tough. No other medals otherwise here returning.


  1. Braiden Ruffin North Platte
  2. Matt Sorich Millard West
  3. Isaiah Alford Lincoln High
  4. Tyler Nawrocki Bellevue East
  5. Kobe Everson Gretna
  6. Grant Lyman Lincoln East

COMMENTS: 2 time defending Champ Ruffin looks to finish a 3 timer, and will have some solid competition to go through. Sorich was 4th at 170, with only 3 losses, and Alford got 6th as a SO @ 170, but I hear has worked super hard training in the offseason. These 3 are REALLY tough. Nawrocki has a 5th last year at 152, but might be better at 160.


  1. Lance Jarrett Gretna
  2. Andrew Muthersbaugh Lincoln East
  3. Kasten Grape Columbus
  4. Steven Burumen Kearney
  5. Nolan Johnston Omaha Westside
  6. Trajen Linear Papillion LaVista South

COMMENTS: I understand Jarrett is really a “hammer”, finishing 3rd last year at State, and working hard in the offseason. There are no other state medalists here that I see, so 182 promises to be one of Class A’s most “open” weights”, and I expect many different kids to move in and out of the rankings moving forward..


  1. Dylan Miller Omaha Burke
  2. Anthony DeAnda Columbus
  3. Jarrett Myers Lincoln Southwest
  4. Sean Jackson Kearney
  5. Steven Kerr Lincoln Pius
  6. Dalton Freiberg Norfolk

COMMENTS: Miller seems a solid favorite here, after his breakout 2nd place finish @ 182 his SOPH season last year.. a typical “tough” Wes Boehm coached Burk kid…he will ride you hard, and bang with the best of them.. Jackson (4th) and Myers (6th)are both returning State medalists @ 195; DeAnda rates the nod for 2nd now, based on his 11—7 decision over Myers, and 6-3 loss to Miller @ Kearney to open the season.  Solid weight.


  1. Matt Montgomery Norfolk
  2. Garrett Rollag Creighton Prep
  3. Conner Fee Gretna
  4. Gavin Peitzmeyer Millard South
  5. Cody Kirby Lincoln Southeast
  6. Caden Boesiger Lincoln Southwest

COMMENTS: Montgomery starts on top, based on his 4th @ 220 last year. Rollag went 2-2 @ Hwt at State last year, and looked tough at the season opening North meet.. Not many household names here….look for Peitzmeyer to improve and he could certainly move up later.  Fee will be solid as well…..expect some changes in these rankings as the season moves along as well.


  1. Lee Harrington Kearney
  2. Ty Reynolds Bellevue West
  3. Jack Hasz Creighton Prep
  4. Conner Cowling Norfolk
  5. Cole Patterson Papillion LaVista
  6. Jake Mayville Millard South

COMMENTS:  Herrington looks to easily be the top pick here, as he defends his Hwt State title from a year ago.  Kearney would love to have to rely on Big Lee to nail down a State Team Championship in Omaha in February, and he would be ready!  Reynolds had a breakout year in 2017, earning 5th @ 220, and was an All state FB lineman, thus the move to Hwt.  Hasz placed 6th  @ 220, losing to Reynolds 3-2, thus the 2/3 ranking. After those 3, a bunch of State Qualifiers to fight for a medal.

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