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POSTED ON February 9th  - POSTED IN Ratings: Class B


Raters: Tom Scott Gothenburg  & Derek Garfield  Fairbury

TOP 10 CLASS B MEET TEAMS #5     2/8/18

  1. Hastings
  2. Wahoo
  3. Omaha Skutt Catholic
  4. Sidney
  5. Lexington
  6. Scottsbluff
  7. Blair
  8. Beatrice
  9. Northwest
  10.  York


  1. Hastings: Hastings has spent the last couple of years re-loading and are on the verge of something special. With the talented trio of high placers Connor Laux, Damen Pape, and Bryce Brown, they should have plenty of firepower to hang with the states best.
  2. Wahoo: Wahoo is building quite a powerful team the last couple of years.  They did take some hits to graduation but return 5 state qualifers including State Champion Jake Sutton.  They also are fully stocked with quality wrestlers and look for big things from Tucker Hancock and 2-time state qualifier Zane Bennett who is set to bring home a state medal
  3. Omaha Skutt: Skutt moves back to 3rd place after taking some losses to Hastings and Wahoo at Dual Tournaments but still have some nice pieces to score big points at the Individual Tournament.  The Class B race is tightening up!
  4. Sidney: Anytime you have one of the states best wrestlers in soon to be 4-time state champion Derek Robb you have to be in the discussion for a top 3 tem finish.  Sidney is not a 1-man show however.  Heavy hitters Trey Arellano and Caden Vowers will help ensure that Sidney has a high state finish
  5. Lexington: Lexington enters the season with a high number on their team roster which should give them plenty of depth to make a top-5 run. They will be lead by state medalists Thomas Margritz, Brady Fago, and Andy Rojas and also look for big things from heavyweight Jade Wurth who will be in the mix for a high state finish.
  6. Scottsbluff: It appears that Scottsbluff has lost a key component to their tough line-up with word being that Salem Harsh is no longer on the team.  They do still have a talented line-up and will be in the hunt for a top 5 team finish.
  7. Blair: Blair has quietly been building a great program with the help of 2-time state runner-up Walker Moore.  They are not a 1-man team though as they have 5 returning state qualifiers and we expect big things from returning qualifiers Dalton Lewis and Zach Orton.
  8. Beatrice: Coach Jordan Johnson is building a really good program for the Orangemen.  They have some talented veteran wrestlers returning with 5 returning state qualifers and have one of the states best light weight wrestlers in freshman Drew Arnold.  Beatrice could easily make a run at the top-5 this season.
  9. Northwest: In what could be a banner year for the Vikings, they continue to roll through their schedule.  I have been very impressed with how deep their line-up is.  They have high end scoreres as well as a handful of “middle of the road” state medalists.  If healthy, there is no doubt that the Vikings will finish in the top 10 by seasons end.
  10. York: Another year and another talented York Duke Wrestling Team.  Coach Chad Mattox has a big reason to have high hopes this year.  By big we are talking about Heavyweight wrestler Noah Stafursky.  From all indications, Stafursky is set for a big season and could be at the top of the podium by seasons end.  Also through into the mix returning State Runner-Up Scott Fulsos and the Dukes should piggy back off of a great fall season with the state championship in football to having a great wrestling season.


TOP 10 CLASS B DUAL TEAMS #5  2/8/18

  1. Hastings
  2. Wahoo
  3. Omaha Skutt Catholic
  4. Lexington
  5. Blair
  6. Northwest
  7. Blair
  8. Beatrice
  9. York
  10. Bennington

COMMENTS: Omaha Skutt drops in the dual team ratings.  I feel that once they get everybody healthy and back in the lineup they will compete for a title but for now we will move them to the third spot. I could see any team in our top five being in the hunt for the State Dual Championship team title.  The Class B Team Race is getting really interesting.


Top 6 Individuals


  1.     Gabe Grice Omaha Gross
  2.     Paul Garcia Scottsbluff
  3.     Paul Ruff Alliance
  4.     Triten Obermiller AC
  5.     Nate Rubino Skutt
  6.     Dylan Miller Hastings

COMMENTS: If Healthy Gabe Grice wins it all.  Garcia, Ruff, and Obermiller are all capable of winning it as well.


  1.     Caleb Lazure Skutt
  2.     Jackson Nielsen Blair
  3.     Collin Quandt Northwest
  4.     Anthony Long Plattsmouth
  5.     Ernesto Chacon Schuyler
  6.     Preston Johnson Waverly

COMMENTS: I am sticking with Caleb Lazure here to win it all.  Returning State Champs have a way of turning it on when the chips are on the table.


  1.     Blayne Kile Hastings
  2.     Shawn Buchanan Crete
  3.     Andy Rojas Lexington
  4.     Chase Larsen Plattsmouth
  5.     Grayson Fries Northwest
  6.     Evan Steggs Alliance

COMMENTS: This will be a fun race to watch in Omaha.  When healthy and in the line-up Buchanan is a tough out.  Can he beat Kile?  Time will tell.


  1.     Walker Moore Blair
  2.   Nick Stoltenberg Skutt
  3.     Brock Hall Bennington
  4.     Kevin Price Scottsbluff
  5.   Kaden Vowers Sidney
  6.     Trevor Kluck Aurora

COMMENTS: Walker Moore has looked tough all year.  With Stoltenberg dropping into the weight class it appears to be a 2-horse race but Hall, Price, and Vowers have been to the big dance.  They could wrestle their way to a top 2 finish as well.  Freshman Kluck has had an up and down season but should finish on the medal stand.


  1.     Trey Arellano Sidney
  2.     Mario Ybarra Scottsbluff
  3.     Ben Garland Beatrice
  4.     Blake Sears Crete
  5.   Wyatt Hotz Gothenburg
  6.     Zach Orton Blair

COMMENTS: Arellano and Ybarra seem to be on a collision course to wrestle Saturday afternoon for a state championship.


  1.     Connor Laux Hastings
  2.     Devon’Tae Gutierrez Scottsbluff
  3.     Devin DeLancey Bennington
  4.   Brody Raines Sidney
  5.     Trystan Berry Lexington
  6.     Harrison Gocke York

COMMENTS: 138 might be one of the deepest weight classes all class in Nebraska this year.  Laux and Gutierrez will wrestle for all the marbles.


  1.     Scott Fulsos York
  2.     Jorgen Johnson Alliance
  3.     Stone Mendez Skutt
  4.    Nolan Barry Adams Central
  5.    Evan Canoyer Waverly
  6.    Zach Hurlbert Holdrege

COMMENTS: Scott Fulsos has done everything right this year.  The state title should be his if he continues doing what he’s done all year.


  1.     Derek Robb Sidney
  2.     Dalton Quandt Northwest
  3.     Tomas Margritz Lexington
  4.     Logan MacDonald Bennington
  5.     Matt Harvey Norris
  6.     Kaleb Canoyer Waverly

COMMENTS: Looking forward to seeing Robb win his 4th State title.  It wont come easy but hard to bet against him.


  1.     Cauy Shaw O’Neill
  2.     Rhett Trail Nebraska City
  3.    Logan MacDonald Bennington
  4.     Pierro Garcia Lexington
  5.   Lane Applegarth Alliance
  6.     Jake Frenzen Columbus Lakeview

COMMENTS: This weight class has confused me much of the year.  Anyone in the top 6 could be in the hunt to win it all.


  1.     Damen Pape Hastings
  2.     Billy Higgins Omaha Skutt
  3.     Riley Kopf Lexington
  4.     Dalton Lewis Blair
  5.     Tucker Hancock Wahoo
  6.     Ace York Fairbury

COMMENTS: Who else is excited to watch a Pape Higgins rematch?  This one is for the Title!


  1.     Prestin Melroy Holdrege
  2.     Gavin Eason Norris
  3.     Jeb South Northwest
  4.     Eli Jansen Skutt
  5.     Jason Stevens Beatrice
  6.     Caleb Novak Schuyler

COMMENTS: Prestin Melroy has been a rock all year long but so has Gavin Eason.  South and Jensen have had great years.  Should be a great finals match with Melroy and Eason.


  1.     Sam Kolterman Wahoo/Cedar Bluffs
  2.     Grady Griess Northwest
  3.     Noah Gugelman Gothenburg
  4.     Zach Reikofski Fairbury
  5.    Wren Allen Columbus Scotus
  6.     Cody Ybarra Gering

COMMENTS: Two wrestlers have separated themselves in this weight class.  Koltermann and Griess have both been dominating!  Should they end up on opposite ends of each other at state?  If so, it will be an electric finals match!


  1.     Bronson Titus Holdrege
  2.   Jack Sutton Wahoo
  3.     Kaleb Taylor McCook
  4.     Jesus Maganda Schuyler
  5.     Cooper Kiser Northwest
  6.     Jerad Humble Beatrice

COMMENTS: Bronson Titus moves up to the top spot here.  Sutton and Taylor are both having fantastic years as well.  Titus looks like the guy to beat though.


  1.     Noah Stafursky York
  2.    Jade Wurth Lexington
  3.     Zach Wioskowski Adams Central
  4.     Garret Nelson Scottsbluff
  5.     Nathan Lauder Alliance
  6.   Damien Wylder Waverly

COMMENTS: With Hunter Brenn of Holdrege going down with an injury, Wylder of Waverly moves into the rankings.  Stafursky looks to be York’s 2nd champ along with teammate Fulsos.


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