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POSTED ON December 25th  - POSTED IN Ratings: Class D

TOP 10 CLASS D MEET TEAMS #2  12/21/17

  1. Burwell
  2. Elkhorn Valley
  3. Elm Creek
  4. Palmer
  5. Maxwell
  6. East Butler
  7. Morrill
  8. Southwest
  9. Amherst
  10. Cambridge

Rater: Zac Kliment  Creighton

COMMENTS:As we move toward Christmas break, the dust is settling around certain weight classes as guys are starting to finish descent plans. Big tournaments that saw a lot of rated match-ups included the Elgin Invite, Osceola Invite, Fran Jorgensen, and Sutherland Invite. Burwell has remained a safe bet to lead Class D with plenty of depth and state medal potential. Teams like Elkhorn Valley, Elm Creek, Palmer, and Maxwell should medal well, but will need some help from underclassmen if they hope to catch the Longhorns. If you have any questions, comments, input, etc. feel free to email me at Thanks to the coaches who take time to send information and contribute to these rankings. Enjoy your holiday break! Best of luck to all Class D wrestlers and coaches!


TOP 10 CLASS D DUAL TEAMS #2  12/21/17

  1. Burwell
  2. Elkhorn Valley
  3. Southwest
  4. Elm Creek
  5. Maxwell
  6. Amherst
  7. Morrill
  8. Plainview
  9. Mullen
  10. East Butler

COMMENTS: In order to qualify for the state dual tournament, a team has to either win their district (regardless of weight classes filled) or earn enough wild card points having at least 10 weights filled. I did my best to see if a team could potentially move a junior varsity wrestler into a varsity spot to help fill rosters for duals. District D1 will see Burwell, Southwest, and Plainview all vying for the automatic spot. D2 has Elkhorn Valley, Creighton, Amherst, and Tri County. D3 looks like Elm Creek will compete with East Butler. D4 will see Maxwell, Morrill, and Mullen challenge for the title.


Top 6 Class D Individuals


  1. Logan Russell, High Plains
  2. Jesse Sauceda, Shelton
  3. Eli Lanham, Plainview
  4. Kaiden Mrsny, Pender
  5. Dalton Hansen, Harvard
  6. Trenton Arlt, Oakland-Craig

COMMENTS: Logan Russell is off to a dominant start to his season as the clear favorite out of this group. Sauceda and Lanham’s only losses come to out of class competition so far. Mrsny has been wrestling well and has wins over Arlt and a few contenders already.


Tyler Nagel, Morrill

Brock Kester, Neligh-Oakdale

Hunter Bennett, Elkhorn Valley


  1. Tate Phillipps, Burwell
  2. Koby Ellis, Winside
  3. Koby Smith, Elm Creek
  4. Cameron Wilkinson, Neligh-Oakdale
  5. Nathan Murrillo, Morrill
  6. Tevan Marshall, Mullen

COMMENTS: The move down to 113 puts Phillipps in the top spot. He already had a few wins over guys rated at 120. Ellis has been solid since his only loss of the season. Koby Smith from Elm Creek has proven he is a tough out as a freshman, recently with a fall over Wilkinson, who has been wrestling well in his own right. Murrillo and Marshall have each been stringing wins together out west, with Murrillo owning Marshall’s only two losses.


Preston Acton, Southern

Jaydon Walker, Hemingford

Adam Miller, Elkhorn Valley


  1. Dillon Stewart, Elkhorn Valley
  2. Isaiah Shields, Amherst
  3. Nate Christiansen, Plainview
  4. Ruger Reimers, Palmer
  5. Zach Janousek, Hitchcock County
  6. Shaye Wood, Central Valley

COMMENTS: Stewart is unbeaten after his move to 120, with wins over both Reimers and Wood in the last couple weeks. Shields pinned his way through the Sutherland Invite, but hasn’t seen any of the rated guys since Phillipps has moved down. The Elgin Invite had a great 120 bracket with Christiansen getting the edge over Reimers. Wood had an early season win over Phillipps, but has since dropped matches to Stewart and Reimers. Janousek avenged his only loss last week and is on the rise after defeating several contenders.


John Tenbensel, Cambridge

Dustin Klingsporn, Axtell

Martin Venzor, Archbishop Bergan


  1. Alex Araujo, Bayard
  2. Trevor Nelson, Crawford
  3. Josh Ibach, Central Valley
  4. Keegan Casey, Thayer Central
  5. Coy Gideon, Burwell
  6. Tayten Eggelston, South Loup

COMMENTS: The top three remain unchanged. Ibach has been the only one tested in class with huge wins over Gideon, Henn, and Sonderup. Casey also deserves a top spot with an impressive, undefeated start to his year. Gideon and Eggelston only have losses to guys ahead of them.


Logan Henn, Elgin Public/Pope John

Bradey Gracey, Mullen

Connor Sonderup, Fullerton


  1. Tyler Pawloski, Pleasanton
  2. Joel Ostrom, Burwell
  3. Trent Steinkraus, Plainview
  4. Dylan Swenson, Oakland-Craig
  5. Mitchell McKibben, Bayard
  6. Andrew Herley, Neligh-Oakdale

COMMENTS: Pawloski remains the top of 132 with several wins over rated opponents, most recently a close decision over Steinkraus. Ostrom continues to win in dominant fashion. Dylan Swenson has yet to see any Class D rated wrestlers, but has had zero problems with anyone at this weight. McKibben made the move down last week and will be a very tough out after beating some contenders soundly. Herley has been very impressive lately with a huge, first period fall over Ryan Johnson, a state champion in Kansas last season. With contenders that only have a handful of losses between them, this has become the deepest weight class in Class D.


Ian Smith, Maxwell

Enrique Martinez, Central Valley

Kaden Guerrero, Southwest


  1. Cameron Riggs, Maxwell
  2. Jeff McNeill, Oakland-Craig
  3. Jacob Johnson, Archbishop Bergan
  4. Derek Wortman, Creighton
  5. Seth Simants, Stapleton
  6. Blake Racicky, Ansley/Litchfield

COMMENTS: Riggs remains unbeaten. McNeill has moved up now that Herley is down to 132. Johnson and Wortman are now both down to 138 and didn’t miss a step, both winning last weekend’s tournaments. Simants and Racicky are also down now since the last ratings and have wins over some contenders.


Mark Schwartz, Garden County

Holden Schleve, Morrill

Bryan Zutavern, Sandhills/Thedford


  1. Ryley Spatz, East Butler
  2. Joshua McFarland, Elkhorn Valley
  3. Brett Riggs, Maxwell
  4. Sam Florell, Amherst
  5. Colby Coons, Twin Loup
  6. William White, Sutherland

COMMENTS: Spatz and McFarland each lost matches to out of class opponents but have been consistent so far otherwise. The Riggs brothers have bounced between 138 and 145 trading places at different events, will be interesting to see where they stick. Florell has beaten some contenders, including White, but recently lost a fall to Riggs in the finals of the Sutherland Invite. Florell is also Colby Coons’ sole loss on the season.


Brandon Bloomquist, Randolph


  1. Connor Donscheski, Palmer
  2. Austin Garcia, Morrill
  3. Wyatt Standiford, Hitchcock County
  4. Trace Ebert, North Central
  5. Dylan Soule, High Plains
  6. Dalton Bohac, East Butler

COMMENTS: Donscheski and Standiford remain perfect on the year. Garcia suffered his only loss to out of state talent Jalen Krup last weekend. Soule is now down to 152 and was able to get a fall over previously ranked at 138 Darren Stewart.


Darren Stewart, Elkhorn Valley

Luke Mckeon, Elm Creek

Toby Scheuneman, Franklin


  1. Brady Oliver, Pender
  2. Spencer Wichmann, Palmer
  3. Bode Jensen, Burwell
  4. Jayden Arehart, Neligh-Oakdale
  5. Derek Gibson, Sutherland
  6. Jayden Schroder, Twin River

COMMENTS: With Kulhanek and Atkeson still at 170, this weight class doesn’t have a lot of depth yet. Brady Oliver had a big overtime win in the finals of the Elgin Invite to jump Wichmann in the ratings. Burwell’s Jensen has pinned his way through the season, including on over Arehart, with only one decision. Gibson has been down to 152, but was back up at 160 to win the Sutherland Invite.


Josh Cox, Mullen


  1. Devon Walker, Elm Creek
  2. Miles Kulhanek, Howells-Dodge
  3. Jared Atkeson, St. Mary’s
  4. Stephen Duffy, Kenesaw
  5. Corey Dawe, Burwell
  6. Karsen Hunter, Bayard

COMMENTS: Devon Walker lost in OT in the finals of the Fran Jorgensen and is still my pick at 170. He remains unbeaten by instate opponents with the loss to Petrie out of Norton, KS. There is a chance that he may go down 160 where he would also be the favorite. Kulhanek and Atkeson are both unbeaten in class D, with Kulhanek having a sole loss to Logan View’s Hull. Atkeson gave Duffy his first loss of the year in OT in the Elgin finals. 170 has plenty of depth with many contending wrestlers having triangles with each other already.


Edwen Baptista, Friend

Wyatt Mader, Crawford

Brock Schaecher, Elkhorn Valley


  1. Preston Walker, Elm Creek
  2. Beau Wood, Perkins County
  3. Ryan Dawe, Burwell
  4. Daniel Duffy, Kenesaw
  5. Will Howell, Morrill
  6. Layne Heese, Pender

COMMENTS: Walker continues his undefeated season. Wood looks like he could be a serious challenger now at 182. Dawe has also continued to wrestle in good form. Duffy won the Elgin Invite that was filled with contenders, including a close decision over of Heese. Howell remains undefeated after a close OT match with then ranked Downey of Southwest.


Chase Hausserman, Franklin

Cody Downey, Southwest

Matthew Pearson, Cambridge


  1. Jaden Rahn, GACC
  2. Seth Racicky, Ansley/Litchfield
  3. Cooper Smith, Tri-County
  4. Riley Dillon, Palmyra
  5. Drew Bogard, Amherst
  6. Levi Stacken, Creighton

COMMENTS: With Wood dropping down, Rahn moves into the top spot. He is still undefeated, but didn’t wrestle at Elgin. Racicky and Smith also benefit from that move. Racicky owns a head to head by fall over Bogard. Smith also has a head to head win by fall over Dillon. Stacken has yet to see anyone ahead of him, but has wins over contenders.


Matt Walker, Maxwell

Casey Coburn, West Holt

Chris Sciortino, Garden County


  1. Schuyler Brown, Overton
  2. Seth Andrews, Cambridge
  3. Anthony Starr, Southwest
  4. Brandon Rezac, East Butler
  5. Marshall Still, South Loup
  6. Clayton Hassett, Mullen

COMMENTS: Brown has earns a #1 ranking after his fall over Andrews in the final of the Fran Jorgensen. Andrews holds onto his spot though with a head to head win over Starr at their dual. Starr holds his spot with his fall over Rezac. Still was inactive this last weekend. Hassett’s only losses are at the hands of guys ahead of him.


Jaden Jung, Palmyra

Jesse Thompson, Pender

Cole Rosenkrans, St. Marys


  1. Thomas Hughes, Burwell
  2. Dakota Ehart, Dundy County Stratton
  3. AJ Skaggs, Axtell
  4. Tyler Schultz, Cambridge
  5. Drake Davenport, Overton
  6. Emilio Perez, Perkins County

COMMENTS: After the Ravenna meet, Hughes has been dominant, only going past the first period once. Skaggs hasn’t been out of the first period yet either, only he has one loss and was inactive this past weekend. Ehart remains unbeaten with several wins over those below him. After the top three, the Hwt’s have been slugging it out with wins over each other. Schultz has also beaten several challengers (Davenport, Perez) with the exception of Kircher. Davenport and Perez have split their match-ups with the former having a head to head over Kircher also.


Logan Kircher, Southwest

Ethan Williams, Laurel-Concord-Coleridge

Jacob Yosten, GACC




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