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Class D Preseason Top 10 Meet & Dual Teams with Comments 2017-8

POSTED ON December 1st  - POSTED IN Ratings: Class D

Top 10 Class D Teams in Meets / Preseason 2017-8


  1. Burwell
  2. Elkhorn Valley
  3. Plainview
  4. Southwest
  5. Elm Creek
  6. East Butler
  7. Amherst
  8. Maxwell
  9. Morrill
  10. Palmer

Raters: Zac Kliment  Creighton & Bob West  Elm Creek



  1. Burwell

Burwell looks strong and will look to repeat this year with a full line-up and lots of talent. They will be led by Senior HWT Champion Thomas Hughes and finalists Ryan Dawe and Joel Ostrom. They will also get a lot of help from Tate Phillips and Coy Gideon as well as some other underclassmen.

  1. Elkhorn Valley

Elkhorn Valley is a team that has a lot of potential this season. Dillon Stewart, Darren Stewart, and Joshua McFarland will all score big points for the Falcons this season. They will also fill every weight class and will need their youth to pick up extra points.

  1. Plainview

Plainview may fill up to ten weight classes and will have some strong wrestlers that will score well down at state. Trenton Steinkraus is joined by Jaden Sobotka, Collin Gale, and Cameron Nelson as last season’s state qualifiers. The return of injured Nate Christensen and addition of senior Dominic Bolling gives them more depth.

  1. Southwest

Southwest returns medalists Anthony Starr and Cody Downey. Kaden Guerrero will also look to contribute on the medal stand. Having a full line-up will help Southwest in a tough district.

  1. Elm Creek

Elm Creek returns a pair of finalists and big point scorers in brothers Devon and Preston Walker. They will need to qualify a few other underclassmen to help out down in Omaha.

  1. East Butler

East Butler is coming off a successful football season and may take some time getting to the right weights. Riley Spatz is the only returning medalist, but Dalton Bohac and Breckin Ratkovec should also score important points.

  1. Amherst

Amherst will have a strong showing also with returning medalist Isaiah Shields. Along with Trace Baasch and Samuel Florell, these three anchor the team. They will have a young line-up this season that they will develop through the season.

  1. Maxwell

Maxwell returns qualifier Matt Walker. He is joined by recent additions Cameron and Brett Riggs who will score big points them. Outside of these three, they will have a lot of freshmen they hope to develop.

  1. Morrill

Morrill returns one placer in  sophomore Nathan Murillo. The will get lots of help from Will Howell, Holden Schleve, and Mason Coward.

  1. Palmer

Palmer will be led by two seniors in Connor Donscheski and Spencer Wichmann. They also return qualifier Hadden Kuck and bring in promising freshman Ruger Reimers.


Top 10 Class D Teams in Duals / Preseason  2017-8


  1. Burwell
  2. Elkhorn Valley
  3. Southwest
  4. Elm Creek
  5. Maxwell
  6. Plainview
  7. Creighton
  8. Amherst
  9. Morrill
  10. Tri County

Raters: Zac Kliment  Creighton & Bob West  Elm Creek

COMMENTS: In order to qualify for the state dual tournament, a team has to either win their district (regardless of weight classes filled) or earn enough wild card points having at least 10 weights filled. I did my best to see if a team could potentially move a junior varsity wrestler into a varsity spot to help fill rosters for duals. District D1 will see Burwell, Southwest, and Plainview all vying for the automatic spot. D2 has Elkhorn Valley, Creighton, Amherst, and Tri County. D3 looks like Elm Creek will compete with East Butler. D4 will see Maxwell, Morrill, and Mullen challenge for the title.




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