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1.) Kearney

2.) Millard South

3.) Lincoln SW

4.) Columbus

5.) Bellevue East

6.) Omaha Burke

7.) Lincoln East

8.) Papillion-LaVista South  

9.) Millard West

10.) Papillion LaVista

Rater: Doug Denson   Millard South



A-1: Kearney,

A-2: Millard South, Bellevue East, Lincoln East

A-3: Columbus, Lincoln SW, Papillion LaVista

A-4: Omaha Burke, Millard West. Papillion LaVista South,

COMMENTS: The top 3 remain virtually unchanged. Kearney has the nod with a very strong dual team. Kearney has only one loss, and that is to no. 1 Gretna but the Bearcats also have a quality win against Skutt. Millard South remains undefeated with wins over Norfolk, Columbus, Bellevue East, Millard West and Millard North. Lincoln Southwest is making some solid noise with a solid dual tournament win at the Millard West Duals. A win over Columbus gives LSW a slight edge over Columbus. Columbus remains strong with the team putting their best people in the right weights. To this point, these top 4 have the most complete dual teams and should be able to match up well against any of the rest of class A.

In a virtual toss up at 5 and 6, Bellevue East and Burke could go either way. Burke suddenly becomes a threat getting championship level wrestlers back in the lineup at 106 and 113. Now you suddenly get 9 to 12 more points in every dual. Both Bellevue East and Burke have full lineups which give them strong consideration in the rankings.

The bottom 4 in the top 10 remain a complete mystery. Each of these 4 teams could make some noise but they will have to sport full teams and each will need to have the right guys in the right weight classes. For now, Lincoln East seems to be on the move at the right time so they would get the edge based upon the Millard West Tournament outcome. If Millard West gets their full lineup in order, they have the firepower to make some serious noise. To date, they have to get guys healthy and get the team moving in the right direction.

District projections show A-2, A-3 and A-4 each with three teams who could qualify. Nobody except Kearney would be in the running in A-1 unless some team gets enough points at districts. With 8 qualifiers for state, two of the teams will be left out, so it becomes a numbers game. If any of these teams have any open weights at districts, their chances to get to the state duals would be seriously hampered. Full teams have a chance to make. Open weight teams can simply lose too many wild card points.



  1. Millard South
  2. Kearney
  3. Columbus
  4. Lincoln Southwest
  5. Omaha Burke
  6. Millard West
  7. Lincoln East
  8. Papillion LaVista
  9. Papillion LaVista South
  10. Bellevue East
  11. Rater: Todd Porter  Bellevue East

COMMENTS: The Top 10 in Class A remains unchanged at the top spots, as Millard South rolled to a 91 point win over #5 Burke in the recent Metro Meet, the Patriots 5th straight Metro Crown.  #6 Millard West, down a couple starters, finished 3rd, and #8 Papillion LaVista was 4th, followed by #10 Bell East, down 5 starters at Metro also, in 5th.  Kearney remains the team with the best chance to beat Millard South at State, but will need other teams to knock of some Patriot stars, which happened in the Metro Finals to some degree.  Omaha Burke showed with Harrison and little Burks back, at 113 and 106, respectively, that they are moving up the list fast.  Burke has thectop end firepower needed to place high in the Team Race, with perhaps 3-4 potential State Champs on their roster.  The ranking focus starts shifting to the State Meet now, as we really look at just which teams have enough “hammers” to get 4-5 to medal, thus ensuring a Top 10 Team finish. There are some teams currently rated in the Top 10 that may NOT have the top end firepower to be there at the end of February, so future rankings will reflect that theme…who can medal at State, spurring their team to a Top 10 finish.  The whole bottom 5 are up in the air, with some teams currently NOT ranked that will likely end up in the final Top 10 at State.  Should be a good finish in Omaha in Class A!




  1. Blake Jackson Millard South
  2. Cody Niemiec Papillion LaVista
  3. Brayden Smith Kearney
  4. Emilio Haynes Omaha Central
  5. Gabe Durden Papillion LaVista South
  6. Jakason Burks, Omaha Burke

COMMENTS: Jackson remains atop 106, as he and Burks of Omaha Burke split at the Metros, with Burks winning 1 – 0 in the dual Friday night, and Jackson winning in the Metro Finals Saturday night in overtime, 3 – 1.  Burks will go up the rankings next time.  Jackson only beat Niemiec 4 -3 in the semis, so PLV is right there also.  Good competition at this weight!


  1. Joey Harrison Omaha Burke
  2. Maxx Mayfield Lincoln East
  3. Nolan Niemiec Papillion LaVista
  4. Carter Kucera   Columbus
  5. Cole Zebley Millard West
  6. Jason Hurd  Omaha North

COMMENTS: Harrison is back at 113, and that spells bad news for anyone else at that weight, as he ran through all 3 of the next ranked kids his first meet, beating #2 Mayfield 5 – 1 in the closest match of the bunch.  Niemiec lost 7 – 3 to him in the Metro finals, and beat Zebley of MW in OT in the semis, and Zebley beat Hurd 6-4 for 3rd at Metro, so the order stays where it is for now.  Harrison is the solid favorite at 113, and having him back improves wrestling not just in the Metro, but the state of Nebraska…he is good!


  1. Phillip Moomey Kearney
  2. Jack Huffman Millard West
  3. Aeneas Renfrow  Omaha Burke
  4. Reid Dasher Papillion LaVista
  5. Austin Coufal Millard South
  6. Jordan Barber North Platte

COMMENTS: Moomey still sits atop the rankings, especially after Huffman sat out the Metro individual meet Saturday with an injury.  The big jump was Burke’s Renfrow, who surprised most Metro observers last weekend by winning the 120 title in Huffman’s absence, beating #4 Dasher 12 – 1 in the Finals, and pinning #5 Coufal in the Semis.  Big weekend for the Burke 120 pounder!  Some tough kids at 120!


1. Eron Haynes  Omaha Central
2. Creighton Baughman   Millard South
3. Adam Kinnaman Lincoln SE
4. Cody Carlson Fremont
5. Dae’ Kwon Seavers  Omaha North
6. Camden Russell  Millard West

COMMENTS: Haynes switches places with Baughman after defeating him 4 – 3 in the Metro Finals Saturday, a somewhat surprising result.  Seavers of North enters rankings after beating Russell of MW 7 – 4 in the consolation semis, finishing 3rd. A nice, deep weight here folks!  Look for Baughman to come back motivated.


  1. Nick James Kearney
  2. Nate Rodriguez   Millard South
  3. Chance Fry   Lincoln SE
  4. Jakody Rezac   Bellevue East
  5. Oscar Baird  Bellevue West
  6. Rhett Dasher  Papillion LaVista

COMMENTS:  James stays atop the rankings, with Rodriguez of M South holding 2nd after winning last weekend’s Metro Meet.  No real changes otherwise in the rankings, other than #5 and #6 switching, as they split Friday/Saturday at Metro’s, with Baird taking the latter match to make the Metro Finals Saturday, so give Baird the #5 nod.  Rezac gave M South a much better semifinal match Saturday at Metro’s, than he did in the dual in December, losing only 6 -5 in a taut match.


  1. Ronniel Wells  Omaha North
  2. Zac Charity  Millard South
  3. Maison Clark Papillion LaVista South
  4. Zac Kuta Grand Island
  5.  Derek Wagstaff   Bellevue East
  6. Ben Holman   Millard West

COMMENTS:  Wells drops to 138, and upsets #1 Charity in the Metro Finals, winning by pin late in the 3rd period, leading by 4.  Thus, his move to #1.  Clark of PLS missed the Metro Meet, so he stays at #3, and Wagstaff beat Holman twice Friday/Saturday to hold his #5 position. It will be interesting to see how Charity rebounds after a smooth sail until Saturday. Wells has that “funk” that can beat lots of people…..great hips/throws!  He has served notice he is a factor at 138.


  1. James Burks Omaha Burke
  2. Jake Oltman Lincoln SW
  3. Austin McDonald Millard South
  4. Hunter Johnson Elkhorn South
  5. Teontae Wilson Kearney
  6. Josh Benak Papillion LaVista South

COMMENTS: Wells drop to 138 opens up a spot for Kearney’s Wilson, who has beaten #6 Benak 14 – 10.  Burks cruised to the Metro title last Saturday,with 2 pins and 2 tech falls, the last over #6 Benak of PLS.  Mcdonald of Millard south injured a knee Friday night in ht eMetro Duals, and his status is in question for the rest of the season.  Hoping it is not too bad.  Certainly, this could be a “chink” in the Patriot armor, giving other teams a chance.


  1. Josh Jansa Omaha Westside
  2. Connor Olin   Millard South
  3. Dax Galloway Omaha Central
  4. Kylan Byars Omaha Northwest
  5. Carson Swingman Columbus
  6. Connor Burney Lincoln SW

COMMENTS: Moving to #1 after his big pin in the Metro Finals over previous #1 Olin, is Westside’s Jansa, who has pinned nearly everyone he has wrestled this season, with his only loss to 145 #1 Burks 11 – 7 in a dual.  He has stamped himself as the man to beat after defeating Olin in the Metro Finals.  Galloway and Byers got 3/4 at Metro to hold their spots also.  A solid group here…should make for some interesting matches down the road!


  1. DJ Coleman Millard North
  2. Josh Guerra Lincoln Pius X
  3. Trey Grube Kearney
  4. Conner Willey Papillion LaVista South
  5. Isaac Trumble   Millard South
  6. Tyler Carstens Lincoln SW

COMMENTS: No changes here, as Coleman easily defended his Metro title over #4 Willey by a 20 – 7 major decision in the Finals.  Willey beat Trumble 7 – 5 in teh Semis to hold their order as well at 4/5.  Coleman looked much better this weekend, and appears to be rounding into form.  It is his weight to win.


  1. Braiden Ruffin North Platte
  2. Matt Sorich  Millard West
  3. Braden Trimble  Millard South
  4. Zach Baldwin  Columbus
  5. Levi Miller Bellevue West
  6. Justin Pettit Fremont

COMMENTS: Ruffin did suffer his 1st loss of the season recently, to Class B stud Pape of Hastings, 13 – 10 on 1/7, but remains the favorite to repeat his title at 170 again.  Sorich beat Miller and Trimble in close decisions at Metros to move up in the rankings, winning the Metro 170 title, and looks real good!  So some shuffling in the rankings this week at 170.  This weight should be very interesting at State, with upset potentials galore!


  1. Darlondo Hill   Omaha Westside
  2. Justin Shaw   Lincoln SW
  3. Leo Palomo   Kearney
  4. Doug Weidner Millard South
  5. Jordan Edwards Elkhorn South
  6. Alex Thompson Norfolk

COMMENTS:  No real changes due to the Metro, where #1 Hill won his 100th match in the Finals, pinning #4 Weidner of Millard South.  Miller of Burke is a solid wrestler at this weight that certainly could medal at State.  This weight is one with balance, so State should be interesting!  Hill certainly looks rock solid at this weight!


  1. Colton Wolfe   Columbus
  2. Javone Malone Omaha Benson
  3. Doug Vawter Millard West
  4. Shawn Jackson Kearney
  5. Rajan Elleb   Millard South
  6. John Hamilton   Papillion LaVista South

COMMENTS: Malone won the Metro meet Saturday, with Vawter of Millard West out with injury.  Malone beat Elleb of M South 5 – 4 in a close one for the title.  Hamilton finished 4th at Metros. Wolfe still is the man to beat here without a doubt.  It will take significant improvement in a hurry for somebody to challenge him for his 3rd State title.


  1. Connor Clanton Lincoln SW
  2. Wyatt Olcott   Columbus
  3. Matt Montgomery Norfolk
  4. Alex Dukart   Millard West
  5. Jackson Hasz   Creighton Prep
  6. Dajour Willis Ralston

COMMENTS: Much of the power at 220 resides outside of Omaha, so last weekend’s Metro meet results did not alter much at the top, with #4 Dukart of Millard west solidifying his position by winning the Metro by injury default over Hasz of Prep, the #5 guy. Clanton of LSW still seems to be at the top, but this weight could provide some serious upsets at State, as 220 usually tends to do!


  1. Lee Harrington Kearney
  2. Cyrus Marshall Columbus
  3. Brandon Eastlack Millard North
  4. Jon Rollag  Creighton Prep
  5. Joel Anstine  Bellevue East
  6. Mohammed Majid  Lincoln High

COMMENTS: Harrington of Kearney still sits atop the hard to figure Heavyweight bracket, with much of the power out in central NE.  Eastlack won the Metro easily, with 3 1st period pins, and looks very strong, perhaps enough to hang with the top 2.  Rollag of Prep owns 2 wins over Anstine of BE, with those 2 finishing 2/3 at Metro.  There are many others outside the rankings, including Farber of LPX and Bithel of Millard West.  There will be State medalists at Hwt that are NOT ranked right now, I would bet on it!



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