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  1. Millard South
  2. Kearney
  3. Columbus
  4. Omaha Burke
  5. Millard West
  6. Lincoln Southwest
  7. Papillion LaVista
  8. Papillion LaVista South
  9. Lincoln SE
  10. Omaha Westside

Rater: Todd Porter   Bellevue East

COMMENTS: Well…Districts are done, time to roll in the Century Link Center this coming weekend.  Millard South remains where they have been all season….on top. I expect that is where they will finish, giving long time Coach Denson a 3rd straight State team Title to end his illustrious career.  Everyone has been waiting all season to see if Kearney can give the Patriots a run for their money….time to put up or shut up!  Columbus and Burke are close if one of these 2 falters at all, and many of the Final top 10 coul dmove higher as well, with great performances, and a bit of luck!  Soo…strap on that headgear, and I will see you all in Omaha Thursday!



1.) Kearney

2.) Millard South

3.) Lincoln SW

4.) Columbus

5.) Bellevue East

6.) Omaha Burke

7.) Lincoln East

8.)  Papillion-LaVista South

9.) Millard West

10.) Lincoln Southeast

Rater:  Doug Denson  Millard South

State Duals Projections

A-1: Kearney, Lincoln Southeast

A-2: Millard South, Bellevue East, Lincoln East

A-3: Columbus, Lincoln SW,

A-4: Omaha Burke, Millard West. Papillion LaVista South,

COMMENTS: We are now on the verge of districts and this will be the final year of the present state dual qualification. For those of you who maybe don’t know the system, the 4 district champion teams will be automatically qualified.

In the case of the final rankings, Kearney, Millard South, Columbus, and Omaha Burke will be the favorites to win districts and get the automatic birth. Of the four, Burke might have the toughest route to the automatic birth. Millard West, at full strength, will challenge the Bulldogs for the A-4 district title and the automatic birth.

The other 4 qualifiers will be wildcards and this will be a combination of district entries, district points and state qualifiers. While it is possible to get three from one single district, it is very difficult to accumulate the point value needed. Millard West, Bellevue East, and Lincoln Southwest look like the best bets to get wildcard births. Each team has depth and firepower. All three should be solid bets to get in.

This leaves one slot open and several teams to vie for the wildcard. Lincoln Southeast emerges from A-1 with a shot to get the final wildcard. Even though Southeast might not be able to beat Lincoln East or Papio South in a dual, they might have the point value needed to get the final slot. Papio South and Lincoln East will have to put up some numbers at districts in order to get the slot. Lincoln East has a full team and could get 9 or 10 to state so they might be right there for that 8th and final slot as well.

As for seeding, wildcard points will be added to the state points. From this point accumulation, the seeding will come into focus. Whether a team is a district champion or not will have no impact on the seeds.

Early on, Kearney and Millard South have the inside track to get the top two seeds. Both teams are solid and each will be looking to win the individual state title. Winner will likely get the top seed. From these two, seeds 3 and 4 might be either Columbus or Burke. Both teams will have solid state points and should be right in the mix. Five will likely be Millard West with Bellevue East maybe coming in at Six.

Four teams will come away with trophies at the state duals, Seeds will definitely be a deciding factor as to who will finish one through four. Teams will definitely have to win the first round to get a top four finish. Teams who get seeded seven or eight will likely be out of the running right away. With this in mind, Kearney and Millard South should get top four finishes. The other two will be decided by matchups. How each team matches up will be the key to getting that first round win. Each of the four teams to vie for two trophies, will be looking to create winning matchups to get over the hump.

Columbus and Lincoln Southwest both have the upper weight firepower. Millard West has lower weights and upper weights, and then Burke has the lower weight firepower. Again, seeds will be important here.




  1. Blake Jackson Millard South
  2. Jakason Burks Omaha Burke
  3. Cody Niemiec Papillion LaVista
  4. Brayden Smith Kearney
  5. Emilio Haynes Omaha Central
  6. Gabe Durden Papillion LaVista South

COMMENTS: Jackson and Burks seem destined to meet for the title in Omaha, unless they get stuck in the same side of the bracket. The rest of the rated kids are all very solid, but do not seem to be in the same category as the top 2. 106 figures to be a hotly contested weight in Omaha, and a Jackson/Burks matchup would be a great way to kick off the Finals!


  1. Joey Harrison Omaha Burke
  2. Maxx Mayfield Lincoln East
  3. Nolan Niemiec Papillion LaVista
  4. Jayson Scott   North Platte
  5. Carter Kucera   Columbus
  6. Cole Zebley Millard West

COMMENTS: Harrison remains the man to beat, and arguably the best pound for pound wrestler in the State. Mayyfield is one of the best FR in NE, after seeing him in person at Districts last weekend, and has a 5 – 1 loss to Harrison, while #3 Niemiec has an 8-3 loss to Harrison. I would imagine they both hope to be on the other side of the bracket come State. 113 is a very deep weight, and should provide some great competition at State, but it would be a BIG upset if Harrison was not atop the podium Saturday afternoon.


  1. Phillip Moomey Kearney
  2. Jack Huffman Millard West
  3. Aeneas Renfrow Omaha Burke
  4. Reid Dasher Papillion LaVista
  5. Austin Coufal Millard South
  6. Jordan Barber North Platte

COMMENTS: This figures to be a super weight in Omaha, with any of the top 3 capable of winning the title. The question is if Huffman can beat Moomey.  Barber of North Platte is a dangerous kid that most in the Metro have not seen.   126 should be one of the most fiercely contested weights in the State meet, without a doubt.


  1. Eron Haynes Omaha Central
  2. Creighton Baughman Millard South
  3. Adam Kinnaman Lincoln SE
  4. Cody Carlson Fremont
  5. Dae Kwan Sievers Omaha North
  6. Chayton Koch   Lincoln Southwest

COMMENTS: Haynes and Baughman are working hard for the expected rematch at State. Kinnaman is in the conversation, and all this top 6 group look really solid. This should be one of the best weights in Class A. One of several kids could emerge atop the field in Omaha.


  1. Nick James Kearney
  2. Nate Rodriguez   Millard South
  3. Chance Fry   Lincoln SE
  4. Jakody Rezac   Bellevue East
  5. Oscar Baird   Bellevue West
  6. Rhett Dasher Papillion LaVista

COMMENTS: The rankings remain the same, with James the favorite, and Rodriguez and Fry the top contenders.  A nice solid group at 132. Should be good competition at State!


  1. Zac Charity   Millard South
  2. Ronniel Wells  Omaha North
  3. Zac Kuta  Grand Island
  4. Maison Clark Papillion LaVista South
  5. Derek Wagstaff   Bellevue East
  6. Ben Holman   Millard West

COMMENTS:   I just think this weight is going to be a WAR in Omaha! I have not seen Grand Island all season, and am looking forward to seeing how Kuta goes with the Metro boys.  Lots of competition, guys have beaten each other, I am just going to sit back and enjoy this weight at the Century Link!


  1. James Burks Omaha Burke
  2. Austin McDonald Millard South
  3. Teontae Wilson Kearney
  4. Josh Benak Papillion LaVista South
  5. Braxton Betancour Lincoln SE
  6. Hunter Johnson Elkhorn South

COMMENTS: Burks is one of Class A’s best, and should win his 2nd state title. I see McDonald is back at Millard South and he should contend for a finals berth, as well as Wilson of Kearney, whose team needs a big finish to contend with Millard South. A very competitive weight as well!  I think LSE got knocked out in Districts, so some room on the podium for some new names!


  1. Josh Jansa  Omaha Westside
  2. Connor Olin   Millard South
  3.  Dax Galloway  Omaha Central
  4.  Kylan Byars  Omaha Northwest
  5.  Carson Swingman  Columbus
  6.  Jordan Wesley  Omaha North

COMMENTS: Jansa remains a solid favorite here, with Olin his toughest competition, along with Galloway. There are some kids who are not rated here who could make some noise in Omaha and end up on the podium as well. Good weight!


  1. DJ Coleman Millard North
  2. Trey Grube Kearney
  3. Conner Willey Papillion LaVista South
  4. Josh Guerra Lincoln Pius X
  5. Tyler Carstens Lincoln SW
  6. Isaac Trumble   Millard South

COMMENTS: Coleman remains the top guy here, and a solid favorite to add another State title to his resume. I don’t see anybody beating him, but anything is possible at State.   The rest of the group is very open, with all 5 capable of making the Finals. It will be interesting to see who makes the Finals opposite Coleman….should be interesting!


  1. Braiden Ruffin North Platte
  2. Matt Sorich Millard West
  3. Zach Baldwin Columbus
  4. Braden Trimble Millard South
  5. Levi Miller Bellevue West
  6. Justin Pettit Fremont

COMMENTS: This weight should be a “headknocker” in Omaha, with Ruffin favored to win his 2nd Title.  But…Sorich is fundamentally very sound, much like Coleman, and could be his toughest challenge, as his only loss all season is to Coleman.  It will be a good weight at State!


  1. Darlondo Hill   Omaha Westside
  2. Justin Shaw   Lincoln SW
  3. Doug Weidner Millard South
  4. Dillyn Miller Omaha Burke
  5. Jordan Edwards Elkhorn South
  6. Alex Thompson Norfolk

COMMENTS: Hill continues his unbeaten roll, and is the favorite. Shaw s definitely capable as well.  Weidner cannot be ruled out either.  Miller is “sneaky” good, and beware the Bulldog at State!  Could be a couple other names on the podium in Omaha here as well. Solid weight!


  1. Colton Wolfe   Columbus
  2. Javone Malone Omaha Benson
  3. Doug Vawter Millard West
  4. Jarrett Myers Lincoln SW
  5. Shawn Jackson Kearney
  6. Rajan Ellebb Millard South

COMMENTS: Wolfe should win his 3rd State title, as he passed 150 wins recently in his career, with over 100 pins as well. Simply one of the best 3 time champions in NE history, if he wins his 3rd this weekend! The question is who will meet him in the Finals, and certainly most here hope to be opposite him in the bracket at State. Malone and Vawter remain his toughest competition it seems.


  1. Connor Clanton Lincoln SW
  2. Wyatt Olcott   Columbus
  3. Matt Montgomery Norfolk
  4. Alex Dukart   Millard West
  5. Jackson Hasz   Creighton Prep
  6. Dajour Willis Ralston


COMMENTS: Clanton has only lost once all season, and seems like a solid bet to win State. Olcutt also should be right there. There are other 195s that might make the podium as well, with Dukart of Millard West looking good of late. Should be some great matches at State!


  1. Lee Harrington Kearney
  2. Brandon Eastlack Millard North
  3. Cyrus Marshall Columbus
  4. Mohammed Majid   Lincoln High
  5. Robbie Farber Lincoln Pius X
  6. Mar’San Casteneda Lincoln NE

COMMENTS: Harrington remains atop the heavies, with Eastlack close behind, after beating Marshall in a late January meet solidly.   All these guys have the potential to get hot and make the finals, as well as a couple more non ranked wrestlers. Heavyweight should be a GREAT weight at State this year in Class A!

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