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  1. Amherst
  2. Burwell
  3. Plainview
  4. High Plains
  5. Sutherland
  6. North Platte St. Pats
  7. West Holt
  8. Palmer
  9. Elkhorn Valley

10T. Creighton

10T. Franklin

Co – Raters: Zac Kliment  Creighton  & Bob West  Elm Creek

COMMENTS: As we get closer to districts we are starting to get a better picture of line-ups and at what weight classes athletes are settling. Not a whole lot of changes in this submission of rankings, but there were some significant ones. Lots of great wrestling between rated match-ups took place over the last two weeks. Congrats to everyone who won their respective conferences as we as we enter that part of the season. Since the last submission, Class D teams have represented themselves well in tournament action across the state. This last Saturday we saw five rated Class D teams participate at the Neligh-Oakdale Invitational. Plainview and East Butler competed well at the David City Invite. Lots of great matches at the West Holt, Battle Creek, Cross County, Thayer Central and Sandhills/Thedford Invitationals as well.


  1. Amherst
  2. Burwell
  3. High Plains
  4. Sutherland
  5. Plainview
  6.  Southwest
  7. Mullen
  8. Elkhorn Valley
  9. Creighton
  10. Franklin

COMMENTS: In order to qualify for the state dual tournament, a team has to either win their district (regardless of weight classes filled) or earn enough wild card points having at least 10 weights filled. Amherst and Burwell look like they should qualify out of their districts with the depth their line-ups have this season. Outside of those two, others will have to score high at districts and/or find a way to fill line-ups. In D1, an injury at Plainview means they have to win the district to qualify. A strong Southwest team will compete with Creighton and Tri County. In D2 High Plains, Elkhorn Valley, and West Holt look to qualify. While in D3, Franklin and Pender will look to keep pace with Amherst. Without enough competitors, St. Pats will compete with Mullen and Sutherland to earn an automatic spot out of D4.




  1. Ryan Patrick, Sutherland
  2. Logan Russell, High Plains
  3. Cameron Wilkinson, Neligh-Oakdale
  4. Isiah Shields, Amherst
  5. Preston Acton, Southern
  6. Koby Ellis, Winside

COMMENTS: Only change this week is Wilkinson moving up after a high scoring finals match with Shields at the Neligh-Oakdale Invite. The top of the weight class looks very competitive now.


Breckin Ratkovec, East Butler

Kaiden Mrsny, Pender


  1. Dillon Stewart, Elkhorn Valley
  2. Trevor Nelson, Crawford
  3. Sal Aguirre, Amherst
  4. Connor Hazen, Creighton
  5. Zak Olson, Twin Loup
  6. Tate Phillips, Burwell

COMMENTS: In a very impressive run of wins of the last two weeks, Dillon Stewart moves up to #1. He was able to beat Hazen, then pin both Phillipps and Aguirre, looking really tough right now.


Dustin Klingsporn, Axtell

John Tenbensel, Cambridge

Jaden Sobotka, Plainview


  1. Alejandro Martinez, Elkhorn Valley
  2. Dominique Rickard, Plainview
  3. Alex Araujo, Bayard
  4. Coy Gideon, Burwell
  5. Usama Erikson, Superior
  6. Tayten Eggleston, South Loup

COMMENTS: Both Martinez and Rickard dropped matches to out of class opponents. Martinez sat out last weekend due to injury, but both still look like they could be repeat finalists. Usama Erikson moves in with a win over Eggleston. Wrestlers just outside the top six have been wrestling well and could easily move up.


Breidyn Cumpston, Amherst

Drew Goosic, Franklin

Tyler Kapperman, Arapahoe


  1. Tyler Pawloski, Pleasanton
  2. Kaden Guerrero, Southwest
  3. Zac Hazen, Creighton
  4. Keagan Casey, Thayer Central
  5. Joel Ostrom, Burwell
  6. Dylan Swenson, Oakland-Craig

COMMENTS: Pawloski continues to win over rated wrestlers. He was able to pin Hazen in a rematch of last year’s state final. Dylan Swenson has dominated the last two weeks and moves in at six. Still lots of competition outside the top six still.


William White, Sutherland

Mitch McKibbin, Bayard

Darren Stewart, Elkhorn Valley


  1. Cameron Riggs, North Platte SP
  2. Trent Steinkraus, Plainview
  3. Andrew Herley, Neligh-Oakdale
  4. Juan Lasso, Nebraska Christian
  5. RJ Tutlam-Hazen, Medicine Valley
  6. Jacob Johnson, Archbishop Bergan

COMMENTS: The top two still look like the top of the class. Andrew Herley has really shown improvement. He pinned Lasso in the Neligh-Oakdale Invite final. Jacob Johnson moves in as he won his conference championship last weekend.


Jefferson McNeill, Oakland-Craig

Kale Fishler, Harvard


  1. Christian Miller, Plainview
  2. Brody Lewis, Franklin
  3. Brett Riggs, North Platte SP
  4. Ryley Spatz, East Butler
  5. Chase Morris, Superior
  6. Sid Simants, Stapleton

comments: Only change here is Simants. His only losses come to ranked opponents above him. The top wrestlers have continued to wrestle well. Stephens also looked impressive.


Terry Stephens, Pleasanton

Sam Florell, Amherst


  1. Jaydon Elge, Nebraska Christian
  2. Cole Aschoff, Plainview
  3. Dalton Bohac, East Butler
  4. Max Diederich, Southwest
  5. Riley Nichols, Elm Creek
  6. Jake Judge, West Holt

COMMENTS: Elge remains at the top, was told he should be returning this weekend. Aschoff has continued to beat everyone in Class D. Aschoff was able to get a fall over Bohac in their David City final. Jake Judge came away with a championship at Neligh after beating a deep field. I still think that a lot of quality wrestlers could have some difficulty qualifying out of their districts at this weight.


Spencer Wichmann, Palmer

Bryce Zimmerer, Creighton

Trace Baasch, Amherst


  1. Miles Kulhanek, Howells-Dodge
  2. Leland Bowder, Pender
  3. Edwen Baptista, Friend
  4. Connor Donscheski, Palmer
  5. Jared Atkeson, St. Mary’s
  6. Aaron Allison, North Platte SP

COMMENTS: Leland Bowder moves up to #2 after a major win over Baptista. No real changes other than that. Districts will still be tough at this weight.


Riley Racicky, Pleasanton

Zach Morris, Winside

Connor Banzhaff, Cambridge


  1. Drew Loberg, Randolph
  2. Chandler Donscheski, Palmer
  3. Braydon Mlady, West Holt
  4. Preston Walker, Elm Creek
  5. Justus Monette, Mullen
  6. Cole Egge, Amherst

COMMENTS: Loberg broke his thumb at Battle Creek and will be out for now to rest. Donscheski has the head to head with Mlady, his only loss in Class D. Preston Walker makes the move down to 160. Cole Egge enters after a strong showing this past weekend in a close match with Mlady.


Braiden Gomez, Axtell

Brady Wortman, Creighton

Wyatt McConville, Southwest

Corey Dawe, Burwell


  1. Kalen Klingelhoefer, Amherst
  2. Kyle Stevens, High Plains
  3. Hunter Reimers, Palmer
  4. Colby Collier, Sandhills/Thedford
  5. Ryan Dawe, Burwell
  6. Colton Cavaness, West Holt

COMMENTS: Only change is that Ryan Dawe enters and has split with Cavaness. In other rated action, Stevens was able to get the fall over Collier the Mullen finals. Klingelhoefer was able to beat both Stevens and Reimers to secure his top spot.


Layne Heese, Pender

Dalton Shimmin, Arapahoe

John Sullivan, Superior


  1. Tori Huffman, Burwell
  2. Payton Stevens, High Plains
  3. Seth Racicky, Ansley/Litchfield
  4. Cooper Smith, Tri County
  5. Cody Downey, Southwest
  6. Scott Taylor, Medicine Valley

COMMENTS: Huffman now holds the head to head over Stevens for the top. Racicky has only lost to Huffman in Class D. Cody Downey and Taylor have now split matches.


Beau Wood, Perkins County

Lane Morris, Superior

Dietric Kenning, Thayer Central


  1. Dane Bogard, Amherst
  2. Trent Christiancy, Franklin
  3. Travis Likens, Tri County
  4. Will Atkeson, St. Mary’s
  5. Hunter Stratman, Axtell
  6. Brandon Rezac, East Butler

COMMENTS: New #1 Dane Bogard impressed beating both Atkeson and Christiancy. Nothing else has changed here.


Jarod Nichelson, Sutherland

Jake Meyer, Weeping Water


  1. Robert Muench, Sutherland
  2. Tyler Gideon, Burwell
  3. Gabe VanEngen, Freeman
  4. Darik Holt, Superior
  5. Seth Wentworth, West Holt
  6. Robert Gardner, Arapahoe

COMMENTS: Muench moves up due to his undefeated record and more mat time than Gideon, coming back off injury. VanEngen now has a head to head over Holt after the Thayer Central Invite.


Hank Harris, Thayer Central

Levi Henderson, Medicine Valley

Schuyler Brown, Overton

Jesse Thompson, Pender


  1. Thomas Hughes, Burwell
  2. Jacob Peterson, Amherst
  3. AJ Skaggs, Axtell
  4. Cade Payne, Hemmingford
  5. Logan Kircher, Southwest
  6. Noah Wadleigh, Arapahoe

COMMENTS: Only changes come at the bottom. Payne has the head to head over Kircher. Kircher is over Wadleigh and Ehart. Wadleigh and Ehart have split. Still believe there could be movement here yet.


Dakota Ehart, Dundy County Stratton

Tyler Schultz, Cambridge

Benton Gustafson, Tri County



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