Coaches Hall of Fame: Bernie Guy

Hall of Fame – 2001

Anyone out there remember when the wrestling schools were grouped in Class A and Class B, regardless of size? Ask Bernie Guy. This coach is a pioneer and without the pioneers where would we be today? Times were different then and coaches put on a lot of miles to get their teams where they needed to be. Bernie started teaching at Bayard High School in 1953, where he was the line coach in football, assistant track coach, and shhhhh-junior high basketball coach. Going to Beatrice in 1955 he once again took on football line coach, assistant track coach and in 1965, HEAD WRESTLING COACH. He actually began the wrestling program there as well as a Kid Program. It was often the case in those days that a lot of the football players did not care for basketball so they destroyed the study halls. Wrestling sometimes kept them out of that atmosphere providing there was a coach willing to take on the challenge of beginning a program. Bernie offered to start a wrestling program and the school offered him $300! He would take his wrestlers to summer camps in Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Kansas so they could learn and experience the intricate maneuvers of this great sport. He remembers they got a huge plastic cover, some pads, threw the cover over the pads in a hallway/foyer of the school and that was their area for practice and duals. Later they were allowed into the gym – a little more space. He has had 64 state qualifiers, two of which were State Champs. He has had 86 District Medalists. Bernie also helped his wrestlers in freestyle and conducted invitational and district tournaments in Beatrice. He was selected to participate in the NCA Track Clinic speaking on coaching distance runners (‘62). He was nominated for NE Outstanding Biology Teacher in ‘65 and selected as a Top Ten finalist for the Henzlik Award for Outstanding Male NE Teacher in ‘66. He was awarded the John McIntyre/ Brett Wattnem Memorial by the NSWCA in ‘93. Memories play a large part in Bernie’s enjoyment of this great sport. Coaching his son and having him take the Crown at Districts, teaching his daughter in biology. having Steve Briscoe chosen Outstanding Wrestler at the Norfolk Invitational and at the Millard Invitational and maybe the best of all – hearing about former athletes and students doing exceptionally well in their chosen fields. Bernie is introduced by a fellow coach, Ron Severson, Hall ‘91.

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