Coaches Hall of Fame: Norm Manstedt

Hall of Fame – 1986

A “seasoned” coach, Norm began his coaching career at Clarks and will start his 17th year there this fall—a well-deserved tribute to his popularity in that community. Additional “spice” in his career has been 16 state champions, two of whom were three time gold medalists, an envious record in anyone’s book. His 1972 team was the Class D State Champions and runner-up honors followed in 1978.In the last five years they have not placed lower than fifth and have collected over 50 state tournament medals. Adding to Norms’s stature as a coach has been experience as an official scorer at the NAIA National Wrestling Tournament in 1985, wrestling rater three years, twice named to coach the NSWCA Hall of Fame Dual, twice president of the NSWCA, exchange coach to Kansas and Iowa, organized the first Hall of Fame Banquet in 1982, and exhibitor and clinician numerous times. Coach Manstedt claims his greatest thrill as attending the state tournament every year and seeing his wrestlers reach their goals.

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