Coaches Hall of Fame: Tim Classen

Hall of Fame – 1995
Utica Centennial

Walk into Utica Centennial’s spacious gymnasium and the first thing that will catch your eye are the two large blue and white banners that hang from the ceiling announcing : 1986 Class C State Champs- five medalists and 1988 State Class C State Champs – six medalists, a testimonial to the 24 years Tim Classen has led the Broncos. Attending high school at Omaha North, Tim did not walk into the wrestling room until he applied for his first teaching job. Being told there was a science position open but they also needed a wrestling coach, he decided to step on the mat and he has been there ever since. He has compiled a dual record of 147-43, two State Championship Teams (1986 and 1988), with a second place finish in 1987. He holds five District Championship Team Titles, and six second place crowns along with seven Conference first place trophies. Tim has been on the Nebraska Coaches Association Wrestling Advisory Committee for 17 years, eight of which he served ad chairman. He has been District 6 Vice Chairman of the National Coaches Association the last years and has been a member of NSWCA 18 years, serving as the Class C rater in 1986 and 1988. He was chosen 1994 Wrestling Coach of the Year by the Nebraska Coaches Association. He has enjoyed the sport of wrestling for what it can do for the kids-helping them to set attainable goals and to meet their accomplishments well. It has also been a rewardable area for handicapped kids. Over the years he has seem it become more competitive, especially in the body building aspect. It has been a pleasure for him to see three of his former wrestlers (Dean Davis and Newman Grove, David Davis at Beatrice, and Mark Schnmernikau and Oakland-Craig) become successful coaches. Listed as another thrill was the unexpected State Championship in 1986. Tim is being introduced by his assistant of 15 years, Wayne Heine, who was in his senior year at Centennial when the Classens came to town.

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