Coaches Hall of Fame: Tom McCann

Hall of Fame – 1994

If you can’t find Coach McCann at home in Kearney, you might try Romania (that’s behind what was known as the Iron Curtain in l973) , Mongolia, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Iran, Maine, Texas, or youmight check at the National Jr. Olympics, any number of Exchange Team Meet sites with Mexico, Canada, etc., the National AAU Championships, East/West All Star Classic, NSWCA Hall of Fame Banquet, officiating meets, (which he has done for 26 years), or any affair that has “wrestling” as part of its title. We have heard that he gets a special rate on his passport photos (because he is in and out of the country so often, ) and that he is looking into the idea of having his picture laminated because we know for a fact he still has the same look of eagerness, the smile, the physique of that young coach that began in the business 27 years ago! Gaining experience as a competitor at Aviation High School in Redondo Beach, CA (and a member of their Hall of Fame) he moved on to college at El Camino where he was accepted in to their Hall Of Fame also. Getting his BA at Adams State and 3 yrs. of coaching experience at Saguache, CO he came to Kearney High School in l971. He has garnered 153 wins, 7 Conference Championships, 5 District Titles, 67 Conference Champs, 56 District Champs, 56 State Placers, and 25 State Finalists, Coach McCann has hosted the German National Team in ’78 and the Mid-way USA Summer Duals in ’88. He has coached teams from Nebraska against the Mexico All Star Team, at the National Jr. Olympics, the first high school team behind the Iron Curtain, first team to Mongolia in any sport, Ne College All Stars vs German World Team, Ne Teams to Nat’l AAU Championships, Maine Exchange, and many more. He received the Billy Vandiver Award from the Nat’l AAU for meritorious service to youth in l990 . He has served on the NSWCA Board 2 terms and been a member of the Nat’l. Wrestling Coaches Association for 26 years. You may now have some clue as to why the message on his answering machine says: “Mom and Dad aren’t home now but if you leave a message I will relay it when they check in.” Tom is introduced by his friend Doug Nielsen, Crete, Hall of Fame ’91.

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