Competitors Hall of Fame: Dale Simmonds

Hall of Fame – 2007
Bellevue, Oklahoma State, BYU

Dale began his wrestling career in junior high under the direction of Robert
Mancuso (Hall ’82) in 1959. His first year in high school was under coach
Milton Hearn (Hall ’93) @95 lbs and he did not lose a match. He was District Champ his sophomore year, undefeated in duals and took the Gold Crown at state wrestling at 112 lbs, During his Senior year under coach John Haizlip Dale was undefeated in duals, district, and at State as well as being North High Champ, Outstanding Wrestler and Captain of his team at 120 lbs. He qualified for the 1964 Olympic tryouts at the Worlds Fair in New York in ’64 and spent the summer working out at Oklahoma State with others who were going to the finals in New York, being the youngest one. He made it to the final training camp in Anapolis and became an alternate for 125 ½ lb free style Olympic team..His first year at Oklahoma State under coach Myron Roderick he was co-captain of the team and also undefeated. Attending BYU the next year, he got a torn ligament in Mexico City but went on to win the match Dan considers winning the State Team Title in ’84, Olympic Final Tryouts in New York that year, his full scholarship to Oklahoma State and his full scholashhip to BYU his greatest thrills. He also feels that without the support of his team mates and especially his coaches he would not have succeeded in reaching his goals then or later in life. Dan is introduced by his high school coach John Haizlip.

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