Competitors Hall of Fame: David C. Mackie

Hall of Fame – 1998
Omaha Central &
University of Nebraska

Mr. Mackie began his wrestling career at Omaha Central and is one of those rare individuals to attain three-time State Champ status during his high school career. He became the 11th such person in the list of 63+ young wrestlers that stands today after 69 years of this incredible sport at the State Tournament level. Also consider this: at this time all wrestling in Nebraska was done at one class level, Class B division not being introduced until the ‘60’s. David collected his three crowns at 130 lbs. in 1945, 145 lbs. in 1946, and 155 lbs. in 1947 – three consecutive years! Leaving Omaha Central he went to the University of Nebraska where he was a three year letterman in the Class of ‘53, graduating mid-semester of 1954. He is a lifetime member (#899) of the N Club. Because of his intense interest in this great sport he became involved at the high school level coaching the Lincoln Central High School team during the 1954 season. He also helped organize youth wrestling in Omaha in 1955 and 1956, once again active in the coaching department. Branching out he was a referee in the Omaha Schools, University of Omaha, Sioux City Public Schools, and at Morningside College. Counting as his biggest thrill the winning of the 1947 State Championship for Omaha Central and capturing his third state title he is introduced by his friend and former teammate, Dr. Herb Reese, 4x State Champ and Charter Hall Member ‘82.

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