Competitors Hall of Fame: Dhafir Muhammad

Hall of Fame – 2000
University of Nebraska
at Omaha

A man of few words, Dhafir Muhammad, came to Nebraska from New York. So what brought this New Yorker to Nebraska? Wide open spaces, clean air, good people but probably the leading attraction was the wrestling program at UNO. Dhafir attended high school at James Monroe in Rochester, NY. Coming to UNO to wrestle for Coach Don Benning (Hall – 1985), Dhafir was a member of the team that took the National Title. He, himself, was National Champion Runner-up in 1967, grabbing the National Crown in 1968-1970. He continues to be a force in the wrestling world by helping with the program at Omaha North and, if you look carefully at State, you will see him again helping out in the capacity of “mat man”. Some people never quit – this sport just gets in your blood! Dhafir is introduce by his college coach, Dr. Don Benning, of Omaha.

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