Competitors Hall of Fame: Donny Nordhues

Hall of Fame – 1999

Known somewhat as the “leader of the pack” when he was in 7th greade, Donny volunteered along with Kenny and Kevin Nordhues to serve as the student managers of the Greeley team. Making every practice, Donny was a faithful supporter. Being a lightweight (75 lbs.), he sometimes moved up a weight class just so he could compete. In so doing he ended up wrestling his cousin, Kenny, in the finals of a tournament in Overton. Good reason for them to have been at different weights at state their senior year resulting in two 4x state champs following Herb Reese (‘44-’47) and Fred Brown (‘47-’50) Charter Hall Members. Graduating from Greeley in 1995, Donny is presently attending UNK, (planning to graduate in 2000) where he wrestled the first two years. Due to health problems he was advised by his doctor to discontinue competition. Not wanting to dis-associate with the sport he loves so much he took the job of Junior High Coach and Varsity Assistant Coach in Minden. Head Coach Ed Rowse says it is “great to be around him and see his energy and great communication skills with young men.” On his way to becoming the 3rd 4x State Champ, Donny holds the career record at his high school at 125-3 which breaks down to 28-0,29-1,28-2,40-0. He holds the Class D record for most pins with 40 and was named Class D Wrestler of the Year in ‘95. In ‘96 he received the Great Moments of HIgh School Sports Award from the Nebraska Sports Hall of Fame and in ‘95 he was given the Maine Exchange Sportsmanship Award while a member of the Nebraska team. A truly remarkable young man, he has not let his health become an obstacle in his life. Former coach, Ed Rowse, remarks “he is an awesome person who looks at life positively and makes the most of it. He has accomplished a great deal in wrestling but, as a person, he is worth more than all the medals or brackets he accumulated during his career.” Counting the winning of his fourth state title as his biggest thrill, Donny is being introduced by the man in the coach’s chair at that match, Brian Laux.

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