Competitors Hall of Fame: Edward Moravec

Hall of Fame – 2000
Omaha South

At 85 years young, Mr. Moravec has enough interesting stories and facts to fill his own book on wrestling. A 3x State Champ for Omaha South in 1932,’33,’34 he can also claim 2x City Champ, 5x YMCA Grappling Champ, and 3x YMCA Midwest Tourney Champ. Add to that the fact that he only lost one match for the city championship in 1934 plus he scored the most points by a wrestler for the ‘34 season at 67. On the State Prep Honor Roll in wrestling for ‘31-’32, Ed was Omaha’s best hope for the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany. Paul Gerjevic (Hall – ‘93) and Ed took off on a motorcylce in a raging blizzard for the preliminary try-outs in Fort Dodge. Taking 1st place , Ed then hitch-hiked to Bethlehem, PA where 133 wrestlers would vie for 14 spots on the US Team. He was leading in the lightweight class up through the 5th round when he used the “cradle” and the Olympic judges told him it was not legal, causing him to lose the match. Ed then was drafted into the Navy where he took 1st place in the US Naval Tourney in Farragut, IA in 1943. After the service Ed became an Omaha fireman for 33 years and was captain for 17 of those years. He was noted for his Exemplary Service in the 1996 campaign to save social security and was made a Bronze Leader in the Commanders Club 2000 Disabled American Veterans. During those depression years, Ed is given credit for contributing spirit and pride to South High School as well as being a major part of that schools State Titles from 1931-1934. Considering his biggest thrill the fact that he went to Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA for the US Olympic Try- outs, Mr . Moravec is introduced by former Omaha South coach Beau Haizlip (Hall – ‘83).

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