Competitors Hall of Fame: Gregory Wilcox

Hall of Fame – 1995
University of Nebraska
at Omaha

Unyielding courage, grit, fortitude, stamina, strength, resolute endurance, backbone, staying power – take your pick. Any one or all could describe Gregory Wilcox. Wrestling for Omaha Tech from 1975-1978 he picked up a fifth place medal at the State Tournament his senior year. Establishing a record of 48 wins and 35 losses his “staying power” kept him focused. He went to McCook Community College for two years and bumped his wins up to 78 with only 6 losses. Transferring to the University of Nebraska Omaha in 1980 things began to gel for Gregory. In 1980 he was fifth in the Juco Nationals and that same year took fifth in the Greco-Roman Olympic Trials. In 1981 he picked up fifth in the Division II Nationals capturing the title of Division II National Champ in 1983 – “unyielding courage”! Establishing an impressive record of 72 wins and 14 losses and UNO he also holds a record in Freestyle/Greco Roman of 300-100. He was tenth in the 1984 Greco Roman Trials, second in the Junior Nationals Greco and took fifth and sixth in the Concord Internationals in 1980. He holds the Outstanding Sportsmanship Award and is a Nebraska Olympic Club member. He has been a member of the NSWCA since 1990, serving a two year term on the board form 1992-1994. One of his major contributions to the NSWCA was locating Fred Browns Hall of Fame Plaque after 14 years. (Now we just have to find Fred Brown – four time State Champ). Counted among the tings that would make this man smile would NOT having to hand out ballots for Coach of the Year at State, the birth of his two sons, his marriage to his wife, and his National Championship. Gregory is introduced by his coach, mentor, and role model Harry Gaylor (Hall 1989).

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