Competitors Hall of Fame: Paul Gerjevic

Hall of Fame – 1993
Omaha South

A three time State Champ for Omaha South, Mr. Gerjevic was once told by his coach, Mr. Davis, he could not wrestle in the city tournament because he didn’t have enough experience. Never beaten while he was in high school he graduated in 1933 and holds the State Champ Crown at 115 and 135 lbs. in ’31,’32, and ’33. He remembers being in pretty good condition because he ran 5 miles every day which helped his wind. In grade school he could “run like a deer”. His love for wrestling founmd him entering many AAU tournaments and in 1936 he traveled by motorcycle to Eagle Grove, Iowa for the Olympic try outs. In those days you could get a hamburger with half a pound of meat on it for 5 cents and a gallon of gas cost 9 cents, he and a friend shared expenses and slept with their bikes in order to make it to the try outs where he made it to the finals. A plaque donated by the Dusek Brothers and the Mancuso Brothers and meant to hang at the State Tournament (anyone seen it?) lists the twelve standout wrestlers of “all time” and at 130 lbs you will see Paul Gerjevic. Counted as his biggest thrill was wrestling Dale Brandt for Fort Dodge, IA and he was able to put his shoulders to the mat in 2 minutes and 56 seconds which was one of his best matches. After graduation he directed his competitive energies to motorcycle racing with his brother until he decided to let his brother do the racing and he would be the mechanic. Still putting in a full day at his shop in Council Bluffs, IA, he credits his good health and physical activity today to the training he recieved as a yound wrestler in the ’30s.

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