Competitors Hall of Fame: Samuel Kais

Hall of Fame – 2003
Omaha Central

Samuel Kais wrestled all four years at Omaha Central capturing the State Title 3 of those years at 85 lbs, 105 lbs, and 124 lbs. He was such a “little” guy that wrestling seemed the right sport for him. His coach, Vern Ekfelt Charter hall Member ’82, also had an influence on Samuel. ” He was a good coach, cared about the individuals, and knew the right thing to do at all times”, according to Dr. Kais. For example, Vern felt Samuel was getting a little “cocky” about his wins and gold medals so he had him wrestle up at 136. Samuel was under the weather with the flu at that time and, needless to say, lost to the heavier competitor. But a lesson was learned there. He attended Omaha University (’48-’52) and the University of Nebraska (’47) where he wrestled intramural and earned the 145 lb. crown but then needed to get down to business in order to be accepted into the Nebraska College of Medicine were he remained ( ’52-’56). He took his surgical residency at the University of Illinois (’60-’64). Dr. Kais is introduced by his friend, Dr. Herb Reese, Charter Hall Member ’82.

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