Contributors Hall of Fame: Alan Sucha

Hall of Fame – 2011

When it comes to the commitment to the sport of wrestling, Al Sucha is your man. Introduced to the sport of
wrestling his freshman year of high school, he went on to an average high school career for the Schuyler
Warriors from 1985-88. During his freshman year of college he became a registered official for the next 8
years. He gave that up to focus on becoming a full-time wrestling coach. In 1995, with the urging of Jerry
Mundil, he started coaching the Schuyler Wrestling Club as an assistant. In 1997, Al was appointed to be the
head coach of the Schuyler Wrestling Club and became its club administrator in 2001 and is still to the present
day. He has spent many weekends coaching the youth wrestlers of Schuyler, at one point from 1997-2009 he
had only missed 5 tournaments which included many 3 tournament weekends. He was the Schuyler Junior
High head coach in 2001. His work does not allow him many hours in the practice room but he has been known
to pop in and give our heavyweights a workout. Al has been the tournament director for the high school since
1998 and the junior high since 2000. This also includes 4 conference and 4 district tournaments. He also
started and runs the Schuyler Wrestling Website, which is site for the alumni, club, junior and senior high school
wrestling programs in Schuyler. He has many stories and thrills coaching and mentoring youth but “watching a
former club wrestler win a national title” and “having young wrestlers give you that hug and tell you “Thanks
Coach”. Those are the things that make the long hours worth every minute. Al is being introduced by his friend,
Jim Kasik.


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