Contributors Hall of Fame: Dennis Miller

Hall of Fame – 1990

During his senior year of high school in Ogallala Dennis tiptoed into the wrestling community by competing on the varsity team. Throwing the door wide open he was Western Conference Champ, 2nd in the Southwest Conference, qualified for state and finished the season with a 15-5 record, 12 of his wins coming by pins! One of those people that is not often seen “up-front” but is relied upon heavily by others, he has continued in the years since high school to amaze the wrestling family with his many and varied abilities and talents. He coached wrestling at Hyannis in 1972 and established the first US Kid’s Federation Chartered Club in Nebraska becoming the First US Kid’s Federation Director for Nebraska. Establishing “Takedown” in 1975, the first newspaper devoted entirely to wrestling and the only such paper to last more than one year, found Dennis and his wife in the role of paperboys at the State meets. Moving to Ogallala he became State Chairman of the US Kid’s Federation in which he directed activities at all levels for the state. He was also involved with coaching and led several Nebraska teams in national events.

He began designing wrestling T-shirts for various state-sponsored events that led to designing logos and banners for USA Wrestling. He was asked to design the USA Olympic singlet for Los Angeles, his biggest thrill. Adding to his continuous list of accomplishments he was Nebraska USA man of the year in 1986 and was named Optimist Friend of Youth-all of this from attending college on a track scholarhip for pole vault.

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