Contributors Hall of Fame: Don Lee

Hall of Fame – 1982

A reporter for the Omaha World Herald for some 38 years Don Lee was a local high school reporter for 17 of those and covered all high school sports including wrestling. Lee covered all sports equally and did not slight any of them and always went the extra mile to cover stories personally or made certain a reporter was on hand. Don assisted Vern Ekfelt as he instituted the North High Wrestling Tournament and covered it personally. He was behind the addition of so-called “other sports” being added the the Inter-City All Star Teams which included wrestling.

“Mr. Lee has contributed greatly to the recognition of high school athletics in the Metro area and throughout the state and especially in
the sport of wrestling. No one has given the time, interest, energy or space to the sport before or since! His interest in wrestling has not diminished over the years. We are, howerever, not fortunate enough to have him as a high school reporter today.”

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