Contributors Hall of Fame: Duane Dobson

Hall of Fame – 1995

A close friend made the comment that wrestlings is Duane’s life, the love of his life. Examining some of the facts you will see why that is a true statement. Duane wrestled two years in high school at Alliance. They has just started the program and in his senior year qualified for state at 145 pounds. State that year was held at Omaha South High School. He went on to college at the University of Nebraska Lincoln where he continued to stay with wrestling; While there he became interested in helping Newt Copple (Hall 1983) by coaching with his AAU kid program. This is the time he really became intgerested in the other aspect of wrestling as opposed to actively competing. After graduation from college he went back to Alliance and volunteered as an unpaid assistant to be involved with the high school program. This quiet, mild-mannered gentleman spent thirteen years as an unpaid assistant. That figures out to be about 2080 hours just in practice, not counting meets and tournaments and time on the road. The last eleven years he has been a paid assistant for the grand total of 24 years or close to 5568 hours. In addition to that he found time to help with the little kid’s programs through the Federation for the last 24 years. Any way you flip the coin, Duane loves wrestling! He has been a member of the NSWCA for eight years and was named NSWCA Assistant Coach of the Year in 1992. Being able to help coach his son to a Nebraska State Wrestling Champioinship (135 lbs. Senior) has been a big thrill for him. He is being introduced by his friend Pat Cullen, Alliance (Hall 1992).

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