Contributors Hall of Fame: Fred Hall

Fred Hall

My career, such that it is, began in high school where I had only 2 varsity matches, yet  lettered as a wrestler, not a manager.  The fact is, I was doing what I’ve done the most for wrestling; run the score table and manage the conference tournaments.

I was then away for 25 years until my son started wrestling in 1991.  I sat in to help at Huskerland that year, and wound up on the board of directors. I was involved with Huskerland for 19 years, eventually rising to  president and tournament director. I was also a volunteer with the Lincoln Warriors club for many years. Along the way I got involved as a timer/scorer,  and/or tournament director at  levels ranging from kids, the State Games,  the NCAA National Duals  to the NCAA D-I championships. I worked my 14th Nebraska State High School tournament this last February.  At the college level I have been the Huskers’ clock operator for 12 years and been involved in 3 NCAA D-II National Championships including being the timer for the championship matches twice, and worked at 2 NCAA- D-I championships.

For me, wrestling  has become a very enjoyable family activity.  Fred is being introduced by friend and NSWCA Hall of Famer member Doug Denson

2011 Hall of Fame to be inducted


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