Contributors Hall of Fame: Gary Hoyt

Hall of Fame – 1987

Webster defines “contributor” as one who gives and shares with others, and that is exactly what Gary Hoyt has been doing for the last 20 years for kids. Stepping on the mat in high school for four years baptized Gary into the exciting world of amateur wrestling where he has seen more than 30 state champs coming from kid clubs in the last 10 years. He organized kids’ programs in Hyannis and Mullen as early as 1974. Forging ahead Gary branched out into wrestling over the entire United Staes as he was chosen U.S. Kids’ Man of the Year in 1980 by the USWF for his organizaiton of clinics, officials, and pairings that have served as guidelines for other states. There is no doubt in any coach’s mind that outstanding future wrestlers in our high schools come from outstanding kid programs in the community and Gary is one of the unsung heroes in this category. He is presently serving as kids’ director for USA Wrestling ad as a proud fater witnessed both sons, Phill and Todd, win Nebraska High School State Championships in the same year at 145 and 155 in 1979.

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