Contributors Hall of Fame: Glen Brand

Hall of Fame – 2000

Competitor – Contributor? One, or the other ,or both? Mr. Brand can certainly claim both. Attending high school in Clarion, IA from 1939-1942 he went on to college at Iowa State. While in college he was Big 8 Champ in 1947-1948, NCAA Champ in 1948, and Olympic Champ in 1948 Great credentials! Moving to Omaha, Glen became more and more involved with wrestling from the stand point of a contributor. The director of the YMCA called him one day and said they had a room and a mat but they needed someone who knew something about wrestling. Glen was the man. And so began his career as a volunteer coach for the next 15-20 years. The YMCA had a team composed of young men interested in the sport, some just starting, some out of high school/college and wanting to continue. They met from 7-9 P.M. every Monday and Thursday. Their team wrestled Nebraska City School for the Blind and various area high school “second teams”. As colleges look at budget cuts in athletics, Glen has stepped forward to offer aid at UNO. This gentleman is a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame out of Stillwater, OK and received the Omaha Distinguished Citizen Award in 1954. He recalls “nothing can equal the thrill of that moment” when he received his Olympic medal. “The Olylmpic Wrestling medals were awarded at Wembly Track and Field Stadium in London, England. Climbing to the top step of the award platform, and receiving the gold medal with 105,000 spectators standing as our National Anthem is played and watching our flag going to the top of the tallest flag pole on the huge scoreboard at the end of the field” will not be forgotten. Glen is introduced by his friend, Coach Mike Denney (Hall-’86) of the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

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