Contributors Hall of Fame: Harry Gaylor

Hall of Fame – 1989

Willing, sincere, honest, dedicated, intense, caring—take your pick! Harry exhibits these attributes and many more as he spends 30 hours a day promoting this great sport. Beginning as a competitor at Lincoln Southeast and then entering the college ranks at UNL in 1968 Harry moved on to Omaha Tech where he was an assistant in title but a “coach” and friend to many young men in his ten years there. Bringing home nine state champs and 16 state medalists before his departure measure his impact. Moving to UNO he assisted teams that were in the top seven for eight years, two teams which were national runners-up, seven national champions, and 44 All-Americans. Contributions at the international level include coaching the 1974 Nebraska All-Stars against the Polish Exchange Team which was the first high school team to compete in Poland and the second team to compete in a communist country. In 1977 he was a coach for the Nebraska All-Stars against the German Exchange Team. Always active in the AAU and National Junior Olympics he can take credit for Nebraska’s first National Junior Champs, in the Oliver brothers. Instrumental as one of the early organizers of the NSWCA Harry served as secretary back in the days when all the materials could be transported in two desk drawers. He continues to promote NSWCA through his membership as well a promoting freestyle wrestling and development. He was named NCA Assistant Coach of the Year in 1987, Metro Conference Hall of Fame member, and Nebraska Marketing Teacher of the Year in 1988. The list never ends as he continues to push Nebraska wrestling at the state level, nationally, and internationally.

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