Contributors Hall of Fame: Jack Bryans

Hall of Fame – 1999

Coach, competitor, contributor – you name it, Jackhas been there and done that! He began his wrestling career at Omaha Central High School where he took 3rd at state his senior year. Lucky for the wrestling world, he chose wrestling because he had an early morning paper route that made it impossible for him to check out that other sport that starts with a “b”! He went on to UNL where he gathered 4 Varsity letters and is a lifetime member of the N-Club. He then spent 2 years in the Army where he wrestled for the Fourth Army Team and finished 2nd in the Southwest AAU and 4th in the Army Championships. Jack got into the coaching category as a volunteer coach at West Allis High School in Milwaukee. He also volunteered as a coach for Omaha Central and UNO. In 1972 he organized the Greater Omaha Elementary Wrestling Association with Dean Jenkins for youth ages 5-14. This program has had some 2400 wrestlers come through the ranks. Jack is still the president and director of GOEWA. And still this man, sixty-some years young, finds time to wrestle competively. He has been in many, many “oldtimer” tournaments where the competitors are usually 20 years or more younger than he is, but he still grabs off that first place title including the Masters Division Champion title at 155 of the National Old Timers in 1976. He has wrestled in the Cornhusker State Games eleven times taking “mostly 2nds and 3rds” and doesn’t give the slightest evidence to anyone that he is slowing down. In fact, at this writing, he has told us he is looking forward to the Cornhusker Games this next week, due to the fact that he has heard arch rival Tom McCann (Hall ‘94) does not plan to enter. Jack’s comment on hearing that: “ Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky!” A member of the Metro Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame ‘95, his biggest thrill is to have his former wrestlers come up to him and say “Hi, Coach. Remember me?” and to see them succeed in life. Jack is introduced by his friend, Coach Doug Denson of Millard South.

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