Contributors Hall of Fame: Jim Bayly

Hall of Fame – 2006

Jim is The Man!! He has been and still is very involved with this great
sport. Working with Coach Beau Haizlip (Hall ’84) and Coach Denney (Hall
’86) as a student, wrestler, and manager for three years he then went to
Southern Utah University for five years as a student and assistant coach.
He has been at Boystown for 20 years where he teaches, coaches and is the Eq Man!. Then l et’s add University of Nebraska at Omaha 27 years as
asministrative assistant.. During this time he worked to help produce “Best
In the Nation ” wrestling media guide for UNO wrestling. . He also coached
at Monroe Public School 5 years as well as teaching and being athletic
director. He has announced the State Tournament 6 years, has helped run and announce the Boys Town Invite for 20 years in additon to having helped start the Boystown JV Invite. He helped run the NCAA Div. II Tournament for 5 years as well as announcing. Never stoppping this gentleman helped start and has run and announced the Kaufman Open – the larlgest one day tournament in the nation. STILL MORE: announced UNO duals for 27 years, helped run NSAA District Tournaments, North Central Conference Region Tour, UNO Brand Open, officiated for 10 years, helped run Nichols Open at Iowa Central, helped at Skutt Tournament, helped at St. Albert, for 7 yuears worked at the NCAA Div I, II, III, Nria, JC and also worked at the Women’s National Duals / Tournament. Coach Denny of UNO says: “I have worked with him for 41 years and he has been a tireless worker all that time. He has been a big part of the success of the Ryan Kaufman Open Tournament which is the largest college open tournament in the nation and the Boystown Tournament which is
regarded as one of the toughest high school tournaments in the state” Jim is a member of the Kaufman / Brand Hall of Fame as well as the UNO Wrestling Hall of Fame. His biggest thrill was announcing his first state tournament and announcing at the UNO 2005 NCAA Div II when UNO won. Jim is introduced by his son, Jim Bayly, Jr

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