Contributors Hall of Fame: Joe Edmonson

Hall of Fame – 1994

Webster defines “contributor” as one who gives or supplys in common with others. Mr. Websterhad Joe Edmonson in mind when he coined that definition. Holding a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, Joe is currently involved as the Executive Director of Edmonson Youth Outreach/Y.M.C.A. This prestigious position involves mentoring, counseling, and providing educational direction to the youth of Omaha’s inner city metropolitan area. Wrestlilng is one of the key ingredients he “supplys in common with others”. It has been said those that survive his wrestling camps can face the future with a new sense of enthusiasm and confidence. When he announces at the end of the first day, “If you hurt, then call home and have someone come get you,” – he means it. He has been director in NE for USA Wrestling for 6 yrs., was head coach for the USA School Boy Wrestling Team in Mexico twice, picked up bronze and gold trophies in International Wrestling in ’78 & ’80, works with boys and girls in the inner city in social and athleltic programs, provides a wrestling program on a daily basis for 100 inner city youth, has drafted radio and tv programs to teach technical procedures to youth – a few of the contributions he has made to the youth of today. He has also promoted concerts, run busses to concerts, recruited youngsters for the National Youth Sports Program, supervised the Kiewit Physical Fitness Center, Coached the Blue Jay Wrestling Club, and taught youngsters the technique of the collegiate and international styles of wrestling. This gentleman hold 13 titles already with some of them being Young Man of the year, Communtiy Youth Sevice Award from Wesley house, Board of Directors of the YMCA, Award of Merit from the Boy Scouts, Service to Mankind from Sertoma, United Nations Outstanding Disabled Person, President Bush’s Daily point of Light, and Aksarben’s Ike Friedman Leadership Award. He counts as his biggest thrill meeting former President George Bush and he would, no doubt, have met Mr . Webster, had he still been around. Joe is introduced by his friend, Ray Oliver, Omaha.

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