Contributors Hall of Fame: Karen Hunt

Hall of Fame – 2014


My involvement in wrestling began with my little brother Alan Schwindt started wrestling with the Ashland-Greenwood wrestling club when we moved to Ashland in 1976. I was approached by our wrestling coach at the time Chuck Varland to be the statistician. I started doing that in 1979.

After I graduated I volunteered to work the tables at the State Wrestling Tournament from 1982-1986. After my brother graduated in 1986 I began working concessions at UNL so could still attend the wrestling tournament.

I met my husband Rusty Hunt at a wrestling tournament that both of our brothers were wrestling at. He wrestled for Raymond Central and was still wrestling old-timers at the time. He started officiating in 1982 and is still doing it. He has passed his love of the sport on to me and our boys Mitchell and Nathan

I went back to working the State Wrestling Tournament in about 1995-2013. I assisted in checking in the coaches, handing out the medals in the award ceremony and being a gopher to the all the past Wrestling Directors Rex Jones, Bob Colgate, Darin Boysen and Ron Higdon.

In 2007 I started supervising the Blood Boys at the State Wrestling Tournament when Mitchell was a 8th grader till 2013 when Nathan was an 9th grader. One thing I can be very proud of is everyone of the boys I have had down at the tournament working has made it as a competitor.

I was approached in 2003 to join the board for Huskerland and have been responsible for handing the medals out to the wrestlers in the two day tournament. I have seen a lot of boys grow up from little boys to young men from wrestling on a mat at Huskerland to the State Wrestling tournament.

Both my boys Mitchell (21) and Nathan (16) both started their wrestling with the Lincoln Warriors when each turned 4. There were a group of parents approached by our Coach Rick Johnson to take over the club as he was stepping down. Rusty and I assisted in keeping the club going till both of the boys were done in their 8th grade years.

I finally stepped down with volunteering at the State Wrestling Tournament this year so I could be a fan and watch my son Nathan wrestle the last couple years at Lincoln Southeast.

Rusty and I now run an association in Lincoln and rural area to promote the sport of wrestling by starting young boys in officiating. Both of our boys started reffing when they were in 8th graders and hope to follow in their fathers footsteps. A lot of the officials today started in high school and are now at the state tourney.

I will keep volunteering and help where I can to keep the sport of wrestling going. I would like to thank so many people for giving me this opportunity to enjoy watching and loving the sport of wrestling.

I have always considered wrestling to be my extended family. When one is happy we are all happy and when there is a loss of one of our own we feel their pain. I have made lots of friends and always look forward to making new ones.

Thank you to my husband Rusty, my sons Mitchell and Nathan, my family and friends. Thanks to the NSWCA and coach Phil Severson for the nomination and my presenter.


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