Contributors Hall of Fame: Leon Koch

Hall of Fame – 1986

Every community needs a Leon Koch in their wrestling family. This is the man who works tirelessly behind the scenes, taking no credit, but is the grass roots of wrestling in Nebraska. He contributes his time and abilities at no charge because he enjoys watching the youth of wrestling grow into responsible young men through their endeavors in the kid programs. Leon has been working with the youth of Winside since 1975. He was instrumental in establishing the Winside Youth Wrestling Association. This group has earned over $10,000 in the last six years in a community of 440 people! This money makes repairs and purchases high school equipment, pays entry fees to kid tournaments, and provides scholarships to seniors.

Mr. Koch is also responsible for the initiation of the Northeast Nebraska rating column for the Norfolk Daily News which covers 28 teams in that region. He has also written a wrestling column on a volunteer basis for the past five years, also for the “News”. You might say “if Leon doesn’t know about it, it probably didn’t happen.”

Without people like Leon in communities across the state, wrestling would not enjoy the spotlight it deserves in the news media today.

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