Contributors Hall of Fame: Michael Carnes

Hall of Fame – 2002

If he was 6’2″, Mike would have probably played basketball, but he wasn’t. If he had been the newspaper “editor”, he probably wouldn’t have covered a few wrestling duals early in his career as a sports writer . But lucky for the Wrestling World, he wasn’t and he didn’t. Mike got “bitten”!! And what we see now is undying loyalty to the world of high school wrestling. This man works 24/7( it was even rumored he may don the uniform and step out on the mat for a little competition) solely for wrestling. Mike has spent over 15years in coverage for a number of media outlets. He started a WrestlingSports Talk Show on WJAB in Norfolk and created Nebraska WrestlingIllustrated. He has received numerous NSWCA Media Awards. He was NSWCA Patron of the Year 2001. He has also collected over 25 Nebraska Press Association Awards. He counts his biggest thrill as the continued interest and support of NWI and the growth of wrestling in Nebraska. Mike is introduced by his friend Kevin Dill.

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