Contributors Hall of Fame: Orval Borgialli

Hall of Fame – 1985

Mr. Borgialli coached for five years in Lusk, Wyoming and 14 years at UNL. His high school record stands at 32-30-2 and his collegiate record stands at 78-105-4. He is named in the 1970 edition of Outstanding Young Men of America.

His contributions to wrestling over the years have been many. He was Director of the Nebraska State High School Wrestling Tournament for 12 years during which time attendance grew from 1,000 to 27,000 spectators. Much of the procedure and ritual of the state tournament was first established by Orval and is still being used today. He has been a member of whe National Wrestling Coaches Association and the District Five Representative on the NCAA Executive Committee from 1970-1974. He has been the engagement speaker for luncheons and banquests and hosted a 30 minute wrestling clinic special on NETV. He has been the meet director for the 1974 and 1977 Junior Olympics and was
meet director of the Big 8 Wrestling Championships in 1971. He directed the National Qualifying Tournament for the Trieste and Bulgarian Tournament in 1975 and conducted free wrestling clinics throughout the state. In 1975 he conducted Borgialli’s Nebraska Wrestling School and was team leader for the U.S. Junior National Exchange Wrestling Team to Europe in 1977 which returned undefeated. His greatest thrill came when his 1974 team won the Miami, Florida Sunshine Open.

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