Contributors Hall of Fame: Ron Severson

Hall of Fame – 1991

“Contributor—one who gives or supplies in common with others. One who supplies an article for publication. One who give something for a common purpose.” So states Webster. Ron Severson fits all the definitions. When a last minute cancellation resulted in a shortage of speakers at the Hall of Fame banquet a few years ago Ron stepped in on short notice. When his local paper needs articles for the sports page on wrestling the “Mad Hatter” gets them there. When the school sports program is in need of a booster club he steers the organizing. A charter member of the NSWCA since 1975, Ron Severson continues to coach at Norris High School. He served as an assistant for one year in Canon City, Colorado Junior High in ’62 before accepting the job at Norris in 1965 to begin a wrestling team.

Additional experience in wrestling in those days came from collegiate intramural wrestling where he posted an impressive 0-2 record but did finish third which pushed his fraternity team to a championship with his earning that third place. In those years and continuing today Mr. Severson has made many contributions to the sport of wrestling. He has served on many of the NSWCA’s committees, belongs to the Nebraska Coaches’ Association, volunteered help for the AAU Wrestling program, hosted a cultural exchange team from Germany, initiated and sustained an intramural wrestling program for the Norris Schools, news reporter for the local media, Master of Ceremonies for the Hall of Fame Banquet, team leader for a cultural exchange team in Europe, writes “Mad Hatters” column during confeence and district tournaments, served on the wrestling committee for the NCA, helped start a Wrestling Booster Club that eventually grew into a all-sport Athletic Booster Club for Norris and started a scholarhip fund for a wrestler.

As a true contributor, Coach Severson does not limit himself to wrestling. He is active in the local education association and has served in many elected capacities. He has been treasurer of District 1 of the NSEA and was a member of the NSEA Welfare Committee as well as a delegate to the National Convention of the NEA. He is a member of the Panama Presbyterian Church and has been a member of the governing session three times. He is currently a member of the Planning Commission for the Village of Panama.

His biggest thrills cover many areas. In 1984 all of his family members were involved in wrestling; two sons wrestled, a daughter was a student manager, the youngest son was mascot, and his wife supported from the sidelines trying to maintain her sanity. This was also the year Norris had its first two State Champs and a top ten finish. The association he has had with the many people he has “met in the family of wrestling and the knowledge that I have helped someone to become a better contributor to society has, and always will be, the most rewarding aspect of coaching wrestling. It’s a great feeling when an athlete says, ‘Thanks, coach.’”

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