Contributors Hall of Fame: Sheryl Barry

Hall of Fame – 1988

Becoming involved with the sport of wrestling in 1959 when her husband, Hall of Famer Roger Barry, was asked to start a team at Neligh she has run the gamut of “jobs”. She saw her first state tournament at Omaha University where mats on the dirt floor of the indoor track provided the venue for athletes and spectators who ringed the mats. Coming to Schuyler in 1963 where Roger introduced wrestling to a basketball town, Sheryl became assistant coach, bus chaperone, news reporter, photographer, cheerleader, scorekeeper, and organized the Schuyler Wrestling Club, retiring as secretary only this year. She wrote for the “Takedown” for two years, the only wrestling newspaper to survive in Nebraska for more than one year. She was instumental in organizing a group of coaches’ wives to approach the NSAA’s executive secretary and suggest that more than four places be awarded at state and to award medals throughout the tournament rather than holding 600 young men until the last match and then hand out medals. Since 1975 when she volunteered to be the secretary-treasurer of the NSWCA she directs her energy toward keeping the Nebraska prep coaches glued together by coordinating the NSWCA’s actvitites. President Bob Feurer claims, “She has definitely been the navigator for every president who has served. Every function, every piece of mail, and every activity has been directed behind the scenes by this grand lady. She has taken tickets, solicited memberships, organized, scheduled, telephoned, coerced, and perhaps even extorted and blackmailed for the NSWCA.”

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