Officials Hall of Fame: Ernie Abariotes

Hall of Fame – 1987

Where do referees come from? What do they know about wrestling? How do they get involved in this sport anyhow? Ernie “Greek” Abariotes can answer all of those questions. He comes from a wrestling background of a competitor for three years at Omaha North and as a coach at Tri-County High School in Neola, Iowa from 1966-76. Now if this was not enough experience, he doubled for one year as the Tri-County coach and also as the head coach at Dana College in Blair. He took on full time responsibility at Dana until 1980. Ernie compiled a record of 79-22-1 at Tri-Center and was chosen as Southwest Iowa Coach of the Year in 1974 and at the same time suffered his greatest disappointment as “we could have won it!”
“Greek’s” dedication was witnessed by his working the state tournament with a derotation leg brace on his knee this year and worked the entire tournament. He is truly a “coaches’ referee”.

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