Officials Hall of Fame: Mike Lee

Hall of Fame – 1994


Mike went to Highland Elementary from 1953-1963.  In the Fall of 1963-64 he started at Omaha South High, where he was also a wrestler and a state runner up, and graduated in 1967.  In 1967, after graduation,  he attended Westmar College in Lemars, Iowa until 1969. Upon his return to Omaha,  Mike had various jobs, and ultimately became a referee in 1973. He started with high school football and wrestling. He also refereed on the collegiate level as well. Mike has been refereeing for what will be 41 years this year. He has also been deemed as one of the fairest, as well as believing every bout, whether a competitor wins or loses,  each bout should be a teaching moment/learning opportunity.

He will be introduced by his children Joey and MiChaela

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