October 12, 2014 Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2014


Noon – Lunch @ Chances R in York, NE/Meeting 1:00 PM

Pre-lunch Discussion:

  • Importance of getting our NSWCA website updated more quickly (through Alan Pokorny – Bennington)
  • Miscellaneous 2015 Banquet issues – Derry previewed

President Trampe called the meeting to order at 12:50 PM

Roll Call:
Present (10): Derry Trampe, Todd Porter, Jake Frocheiser, Chad Mattox, Mike Max, Tahner Thiem, Chad Schumacher, Doug Denson, Jason Konicek, and Ray Maxwell
Absent (4): Kyle Bluhm, Tyler Hodges, Matt Nelson, & Tyler Herman

Secretary’s Report:

Read minutes for June 14, 2014 Board Meeting held @ Border’s Inn in Grand Island @ All Star Dual – Todd Porter, Secretary Minutes approved

Old Business

2014-15 NSWCA All Star Classic/Hall of Fame Banquet

Go over/discuss 2014-5 Budget

Went over Summary of Expenses Sheet comparing 2014 vs planned 2015 Expenses – roughly a 5% increase in cost from 2014 to 2015 is expected.

**Discussion ensued about ways we can “clean up” the NSWCA website, to better publicize our organization. One thing we agreed on was getting the Rankings on the website quickly, so more people will look on the NSWCA website for information. It was suggested by Denson that we put more info on the Dual Rankings in our rankings also, and have the rankers perhaps put some rankings comments with their rankings. Denson commented that Ron Higdon with NSAA has indicated the State Duals are being looked at hard concerning whether to continue. Discussed tracking how many people sign on to the website, so we can see if we can increase viewership on the NSWCA website. Discussed having 2 coaches do the rankings in each class.


Goal 130 members this year (was 104 last year)

Discussion on ways to increase membership numbers.

Banquet Ticket sales – 200 tickets last year @ $30 each = $6,000

Raffle ticket sales last year – 200 @ $8.50 = $1,700

Discussion of raising Wrestler participation fees for the 2015 All Star Dual. Was $200 for 2014. Will decide at next meeting if we will raise the wrestler fee to $250, contingent on money needs (hopefully coach memberships are up this year so we do not have to raise this fee!)

Motion to accept 2014-15 Budget report. Mattox moved to accept; seconded by Max.


Treasurer’s Report

Reported by Thiem; Current tentative balance = negative $557.75

Tanner stated he thinks we will be alright once we get our 2015 dues in. we need to get ahead more so we don’t have to rely on each year’s Coaches Dues to pay old bills.

Motion to accept Treasurer’s report. Maxwell moved to accept; seconded by Max.



Discussion of continuing our annual $500 donation to Huskermat, and $1,000 for the NSAA State Meet Programs. Denson stated we should make Huskermat more accountable for helping to PR the NSWCA on Twitter, etc. Board agreed to bring up to Ross Halford.

Motion to continue these 2 Donations for the 2014-15 year by Mattox; seconded by Denson.



Discussed briefly continuing to seek new sponsors for the NSWCA.


New Business:

  1. Went over 2014-15 NSWCA Calendar; Motion to accept Calendar by Max, seconded by Mattox.
  2. Class Raters: Selected 2 per class (1 Individual & 1 Dual Teams)

*=Accepted position

Class A: *Todd Porter (Individual) & *Doug Denson (Dual)

Class B: *Tyler Hodges (Individual) & *Chad Mattox (Duals)

Class C: *Darin Garfield (Individual) & *Dean Boyer (Duals)

Class D: *Tyler Herman (individual) & *Paul Sok (Duals)


  1. Standing Committees: Discussed and nominated new members for 2014-15 Season.
  1. Budget – Chairman: Derry Trampe, President; set (President elect, Treasurer, & All Star Chairman
  2. Nominating – Chairman: Todd Porter, SecretaryA – Jake FrocheiserC – Tanner Thiem
  3. D – Chad Schumacher
  4. B – Chad Mattox
  5. Assisting from each Class:
  6. Corporate Sponsors & Advertising –
  7. Chairman: CEO; President; & President Elect; assisted by all NSWCA Board Members
  8. Media – Chairman: Todd Porter, Secretary
  9. Certificates & Awards – Chairman – Tyler Hodges
  10. Public Relations – Co-Chairs – Bryan Corkle & Derek Hammerlun; Assist: Mike Max
  11. Hall of Fame Banquet – Chairman – Derry Trampe
  12. Assist: Tanner Thiem/Norm Manstedt
  13. All Star Classic – Ray Maxwell
  14. Assist: Tyler Herman & Chad Schumacher

Motion to approve standing committees by Thiem; seconded by Mattox.

  1. Top 10 Certificates for State Meet: Frocheiser said he would get them out very soon
  2. New Announcer for 2015 All Star Dual – Jim Garfield will be asked by Trampe.
  3. NSWCA Board = will have membership signup tables at both the UNL (Oct. 31) & Nebraska City (Nov. 7) Coaches Clinics. Trampe & Thiem will be @ UNL, and Porter & Frocheiser will be at NC.Maxwell.**Sidenote-this will require the coaches to be recognized by their school as coaches that can be on the floor of the state tournament.
  4. Further discussion on possibly providing a School Staff membership, perhaps $100 for head coach and assistants. Schumacher Motioned that we charge $100 per school for a School Membership for school recognized team coaches. Seconded by Max.
  5. More discussion on encouraging more members – perhaps giving 1st time NSWCA Members who are Head Coaches a free NSWCA polo shirt? Board agreed to do THIS year. Denson said he would be in charge of providing shirts this year. Current Coaches could also buy one for a very reasonable price. Motioned by Mattox to approve; second by
  6. Need discussed for additional Sponsors for 2014-15 All Star Dual.
  7. Past Hall of Fame Banquet – discussed continuing Raffle – definitely want to keep – unanimous.
  8. Miscellaneous discussion on membership and Hall of Fame Banquet. One key note: the 2015 NSWCA All Star Banquet will be hosted on Friday, June 12, 2015, at Borders Inn @ 5 PM.
  9. Discussion of the date and time for the Winter/next meeting: Decided to have this meeting in Grand Island @ Border’s Inn, so we can sample some of the food they will serve at the 2015 All Star Banquet hosted there. Sunday December 28th – @ Noon @ Border’s Inn in Grand Island.


Max motioned to adjourn meeting @ 3:15 PM. Seconded by Maxwell.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Todd Porter; NSWCA Secretary J



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