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Tournament Calendar

Tournament NameContact EmailDateLocationTournament Flier
COLUMBUS WRESTLING TOURNAMENTcolumbuswrestlingorg@gmail.com02/25/2018Columbus High School Columbus, NE US 
Lincoln Squires Wrestling Clublincolnsquires@gmail.com02/18/2018Southeast High School, 2930 S 37th St. Lincoln, NE USLincoln Squires Wrestling Club
Fairbury Grappler Girls Tournamentfbymatmen@gmail.com2/24/2018Fairbury Fairbury, NE USFairbury Grappler Girls Tournament
Holdrege Wrestling Club Tournamentholdregewc@outlook.com03/17/2018Holdrege High School Holdrege, NE USHoldrege Wrestling Club Tournament
JR Wolfkings Tournament- Loomisdustin.freeman@loomiswolves.org03/04/2018Loomis High School Loomis, NE US
Syracuse Mat ClubSyracusematclub@gmail.com02/11/2018Syracuse Middle/High school Syracuse , NE USSyracuse Mat Club
Bluehawk Youth Wrestling Tournamenttoddklein3068@gmail.com02/24/2018St. Cecilia High School - 517 N Kansas Ave Hastings, NE USBluehawk Youth Wrestling Tournament
Columbus Wrestling "Anchor" Tournamentcolumbustournament@gmail.com02/25/2018Columbus High School Columbus, NE USColumbus Wrestling "Anchor" Tournament
Bison Brawl 2018numscheid@mccookbison.org03/03/2018McCook High School McCook, NE USBison Brawl 2018
Ord youth wrestling meetagabriel316@gmail.com03/10/2018Ord High School Ord, NE USOrd youth wrestling meet
Hitchcock County Youth Wrestling Tournamenthcfalconyouthwrestlingclub@yahoo.com02/24/2018Hitchcock County High School Trenton, NE USHitchcock County Youth Wrestling Tournament
Sutton Youth Wrestling 2018rgerber@spsne.org03/17/20181107 North Saunders Avenue Sutton, NE USSutton Youth Wrestling 2018
Ansley-Litchfield Youth Wrestling Tournamentalspartanwrestling@gmail.com02/03/2018Ansley High School Ansley, NE US 
Stanton Bronco Wrestling Tournamentjanovec@hotmail.com02/04/2018Stanton High School Stanton, NE USBronco Wrestling Tournament
HTRS Wrestling Club Tournament 2018carmeneppens@gmail.com02/25/2018HTRS Pubic School Humboldt, NE USHTRS Wrestling Club Tournament 2018
RANDOLPH JR WRESTLING TROPHY TOURNEYjackie.loberg@rcards.org03/09/2018Randolph public High School Randolph, NE USRANDOLPH JR WRESTLING TROPHY TOURNEY
Overton Talons Wrestlingpaul.heusinkvelt@overtoneagles.org03/10/2018Overton Public School Overton, NE USOverton Talons Wrestling
Ravenna Jr Jay Tournamentdom.reicks@ravennabluejays.org03/04/201841750 Carthage Rd. Ravenna, NE USRavenna Jr Jay Tournament
Falls City Wrestling Club Tournamentfallscitywrestlingclub@hotmail.com02/03/2018Falls City High School Falls City, NE USFalls City Wrestling Club Tournament
Wilber-Clatonia james.bates@wilberclatonia.org03/03/20189th and Franklin Wilber, NE USWilber-Clatonia
Chase County Youth Tournamentccywrestling@gmail.com02/23/2018Chase County Schools Imperial, NE US 
Arapahoe Wrestling Club Tournamentdckerner3@atcjet.net03/11/2018Arapahoe High School Arapahoe, NE USArapahoe Wrestling Club Tournament
Blue Jay Wrestling 14th Annual Trophytdorcey@gmail.com02/24/2018Central Catholic Activities Center West Point, NE USBlue Jay Wrestling 14th Annual Trophy
Sedgwick County Youth Wrestling Tournamenttoddmissyh@gmail.com03/03/2018Revere High School 500 Main Ovid, CO USSedgwick County Youth Wrestling Tournament
Gothenburg Junior Wrestling Tournamentlibicht@msn.com02/25/2018Gothenburg High School Gothenburg, NE USGothenburg Junior Wrestling Tournament
Fairbury Matmen Tournamentfbymatmen@gmail.com02/25/2018PO Box 591 Fairbury, NE USFairbury Matmen Tournament
NEBRASKA MAT JAMmebauer6@gmail.com03/03/2018Buffalo County Expo Center Kearney, NE USNEBRASKA MAT JAM
18th Annual...Midwest Classic National Tournamentmebauer6@gmail.com03/30/2018Buffalo County Expo Center KEARNEY, NE USTwin River Youth Wrestling Tournament
Palmer Kids Meetnglause@palmer.esu7.org02/25/2018Palmer Public School Palmer, NE US Palmer Kids Meet
Perkins County Youth Wrestling Invite PK-8dean.friedel@perkinscountyschools.org02/02/2018740 Sherman Ave Grant, NE US 
WAKEFIELD​ ​BOOSTER​ ​CLUB​ ​YOUTH​ ​WRESTLING​ ​TOURNAMENTeburenheide@wakefieldschools.org02/04/2018Wakefield Community Schools (802 Highland Street – Wakefield, NE) Wakefield, NE USWAKEFIELD​ ​BOOSTER​ ​CLUB​ ​YOUTH​
27th Annual Southern Wrestling Club Tournamentschmld@yahoo.com03/09/2018Southern HS, 611 I St. WYMORE, NE US27th Annual Southern Wrestling Club Tournament
Aurora Youth Tournamentdkeasling@4rhuskies.org03/02/2018Aurora Sports Complex Aurora, NE USAurora Youth Tournament
Cozad Folkstyle Wrestling Tournament eide@homesteadbank.com03/09/2018Cozad High School Gym (1710 Meridian) Cozad, NE USCozad Folkstyle Wrestling Tournament
Thayer Central Wrestling Clubtctitanwrestling@yahoo.com03/09/2018Elementary gym, 10th and Eads Hebron, NE USThayer Central Wrestling Club
Norris Wrestling Clubnorriswrestlingclub@gmail.com02/04/2018Norris High School Firth, NE US 
HTRS Wrestling Club Tournament 2018carmeneppens@gmail.com02/11/2018HTRS Pubic School Humboldt, NE USHTRS Wrestling Club Tournament 2018
Wahoo Wrestling Club, “Sutton Family Champion of Champions” Tournamentkmeyer@wahoowarriors.org02/04/2018 Wahoo High School, 2201 North Locust Wahoo, NE USSutton Family Champion of Champions
2018 North Bend Youth Wrestling Tournamentkstreff@nbtigers.org02/25/2018North Bend Central High School North Bend, NE US2018 North Bend Youth Wrestling Tournament
EV (Tilden) Wrestling Club Trophy Tournament (Certified Referees)elkhornvalleywrestlingclub@gmail.com02/04/2018Elkhorn Valley High School Tilden, NE USEV (Tilden) Wrestling Club Trophy Tournament
Tekamah-Herman Wrestling Club Tournamentthtigerwrestling@gmail.com02/11/2018Tekamah-Herman High School Tekamah, NE USTekamah-Herman Wrestling Club Tournament
Amherst Youth Wrestling Tournamentwayne.gallaway@sampson-construction.com02/23/2018100 North Sycamore Street Amherst, NE USAmherst Youth Wrestling Tournament
Twin River Wrestling Clubjamieandjamie1996@hotmail.com02/24/2018816 Willard Ave Genoa, NE USTwin River Wrestling Club
Raymond Central Wrestling Club Youth Tournamentraymondcentralwrestling@gmail.com02/24/2018Raymond Central High School, 1800 W. Agnew Rd. Raymond, NE USRaymond Central Wrestling Club Youth Tournament
Pope John Booster Club Wrestling Tournamentjtbeckman@telebeep.com02/24/2018St. Boniface Gymnasium Elgin, NE USPope John Booster Club Wrestling Tournament
Kearney Catholic Wrestling Club Tournamentkcwc.reg@gmail.com03/02/2018Kearney Catholic High School Kearney, NE USKearney Catholic Wrestling Club Tournament
Sandhills-Thedford Wrestling Club Tournamentcoachzoot@yahoo.com02/24/2018Sandhills High School Dunning, NE USSandhills-Thedford Wrestling Club Tournament
Tri County Wrestling Club Tournamentmichelle.spahr@yahoo.com03/04/2018Tri County Public Schools De Witt, NE USTri County Wrestling Club Tournament
West Holt Trophy Tournamentranschroeder@westholt.org02/24/2018West Holt High School Atkinson, NE USWest Holt Trophy Tournament
Central City Junior Wrestling Tournamentajkunz21@gmail.com03/10/2018Central City Middle School Central City, NE USCentral City Junior Wrestling Tournament
Rescheduled-Overton Talons Youth Tournamentpaul.heusinkvelt@overtoneagles.org03/03/2018Overton Public School Overton, NE USRescheduled-Overton Talons Youth Tournament
Franklin BryanGibreal@Gmail.com02/23/2018 Franklin high school Franklin , NE US 
2018 St. Paul Wildcat Youth Tournamentboyd.bowder@spwildcat.org02/24/20181305 Howard Avenue Saint Paul, NE US2018 St. Paul Wildcat Youth Tournament
Franklin Jr. Flyer Wrestling Tournamentlacey.hoffman@fpsflyers.org02/23/2018Franklin Public Schools Franklin, NE USFranklin Jr. Flyer Wrestling Tournament
Logan View Youth (and District 5 weigh in) dmowinkel@loganview.org03/02/2018Logan View High School Hooper, NE USLogan View Youth
McCool Junction Wrestling Tournamentschadesamantha7@outlook.com03/11/2018McCool Junction High school McCool Junction, NE USMcCool Junction Wrestling Tournament
Burwell Horn Wrestling Youth Tournamentronda.weber74@gmail.com03/02/2018190 I Street Burwell, NE USBurwell Horn Wrestling Youth Tournament
Fillmore Central 20th Annual Tournamentjeff.wusk@fillmorecentral.org02/23/20181410 L ST Geneva, NE USFillmore Central 20th Annual Tournament
Dundy County Stratton Youth Wrestling Tourneyjeremiahunger@gmail.com02/25/2018400 9th ave west Benkelman, NE USDundy County Stratton Youth Wrestling Tourney
Hastings Wrestling Club Tournamentmichaelfrsr@charter.net02/25/2018Hastings Senior High School Hastings, NE USHastings Wrestling Club Tournament
Blue Jay Wrestling 14th Annual Trophytdorcey@gmail.com02/24/2018Central Catholic Activities Center West Point, NE USBlue Jay Wrestling 14th Annual Trophy
JR Wolfkings Tournament- Loomisdustin.freeman@loomiswolves.org03/04/2018Loomis High School Loomis, NE US
JR Wolfkings Tournament- Loomisdustin.freeman@loomiswolves.org03/04/2018Loomis High School Loomis, NE US
Wayne Youth Wrestling Tournamentleseberg6@live.com03/10/2018Wayne High School 611 West 7th Street Wayne , NE USWayne Youth Wrestling Tournament
2018 Sargent Youth Tournamentjdkeefe_43@hotmail.com03/09/2018Sargent High School Gym Sargent, NE US2018 Sargent Youth Tournament
Cambridge Lions Club Wrestling Tournamentcatlin.rice@cpstrojans.org03/04/2018Cambridge High School Cambridge, NE USCambridge Lions Club Wrestling Tournament
Alma Kids Wrestlingjesus.felix@almacardinals.org03/16/2018Alma High School Alma, NE USAlma Kids Wrestling
Chase County Youth Tournamentccywrestling@gmail.com02/23/2018Imperial - Chase County High School Gym IMPERIAL, NE USChase County Youth Tournament
Pierce Warbirds pierceyouthwrestling@gmail.com02/24/2018Pierce High School 201 N. Sunset Pierce, NE USPierce Warbirds
Minden Wrestling Clublaegomo@gmail.com02/24/2018C.L. Jones Middle School Minden, NE USMinden Wrestling Club
Roughrider Wrestling Club jay.helberg@swpschools.org03/17/201838939 US Hwy 6 McCook, NE USRoughrider Wrestling Club
Stantonzackhartl34@gmail.com02/04/2018Stanton ne Stanton, NE US 
Wood River Wrestling Club PK-HSdwaddington@wrrsd.org03/02/2018Wood River Rural High School Wood River, NE USWood River Wrestling Club PK-HS
Weeping Water Little Leaguemmozena@weepingwaterps.org02/24/2018Weeping Water Public Schools Weeping Water, NE USWeeping Water Little League
Team Quest Dual Tournament forsenf5@gmail.com02/24/2018Mullen Mullen, NE USTeam Quest Dual Tournament
Nebraska AAU Statedanvacha@gmail.com03/10/2018Buffalo County Fairgrounds Kearney, NE USNebraska AAU State
Huskerland Dualsdanvacha@gmail.com03/10/2018Buffalo County Fairgrounds Kearney, NE USHuskerland Duals
Central Valley Youth Wrestling Tournamentscott.wood@centralvps.org03/09/2018High School Gym Greeley, NE USCentral Valley Youth Wrestling Tournament
Elm Creek Wrestling Club Tournamentjoshfrizzell@rcom-ne.com03/23/2018Elm Creek HIgh School Elm Creek, NE USElm Creek Wrestling Club Tournament
Doniphan-Trumbull Youth Tournamentgsmith@dtcardinals.org03/02/2018302 West Plum Doniphan, NE USDoniphan-Trumbull Youth Tournament
Doniphan-Trumbull Youth Tournamentgsmith@dtcardinals.org03/02/2018302 West Plum Doniphan, NE USDoniphan-Trumbull Youth Tournament
Huskerland State Tournamentdanvacha@gmail.com03/24/2018Buffalo County Fairgrounds Kearney, NE USHuskerland State Tournament
Doniphan-Trumbull Youth Tournamentgsmith@dtcardinals.org03/02/2018302 West Plum Doniphan, NE US
Amherst youth wrestling tournament angel.flynn@yahoo.com2/23/2018Amherst Amherst , NE US 
Pleasanton Youth Wrestling 02/03/2018Pleasanton Jr/Sr High School Pleasanton, NE US Pleasanton, NE US 
Twin River WRestling Tournamentdestyniererucha@gmail.com02/24/2018David city David city, NE US 
?jhawthorne79@gmail.com02/25/2018Palmer ne Palmer , NE US 
McCool Junction Wrestling Tournament: UPDATEDschadesamantha7@outlook.com03/11/2018McCool Junction High school McCool Junction, NE US
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