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POSTED ON January 15th  - POSTED IN Ratings: Class C


Raters: Jason Freudenburg  Madison  &  Jared Owens  Tekamah


TOP 10 CLASS C MEET TEAMS #3  1/14/18

  1. Valentine
  2. David City
  3. North Bend
  4. Broken Bow
  5. Battle Creek
  6. Aquinas
  7. Ord
  8. Central City
  9. Syracuse
  10. Gibbon



Valentine remains in the drivers seat with 5 individuals that could win a title in February and 4-5 others that will be in the hunt for medals.  David City looks extremely tough could place 6-7 wrestlers.  North Bend will push for a trophy at the state tournament and looks very deep.  Broken Bow and Battle Creek each have a ton of quality kids and each could have 5-6 wrestlers going for medals on Saturday. Aquinas will have some high end firepower and Ord has some good depth.  Central City is wrestling really well. Syracuse could put 2 on top of the medal stand and Gibbon could have 4-5 wrestlers going for a medal.


TOP 10 CLASS C DUAL TEAMS #3 1/14/18

  1. Valentine
  2. David City
  3. North Bend
  4. Battle Creek
  5. Broken Bow
  6. Ord
  7. Aquinas
  8. Central City
  9. Sutton
  10. Arlington


Valentine is going to be tough to top in a dual setting as well. David City is a tough dual for anybody they wrestling with the quality of kid they could put at every weight.  North Bend looks to be healthy and has more depth that I originally thought. Battle Creek, Broken Bow, and Ord also put out a lot of quality kids in a lot of weights. Aquinas has several kids that can get bonus on a lot the kids they will wrestle.  Central City is getting better as the season goes along.  Sutton and Arlington join the top ten as each team is just about full and has a lot of depth




1.) Dyson Kunz, Central City, Fr.

2.) Chris Williams, Valentine, Fr.

3.) Hunter Gilmore, Arlington, Fr.

4.) Casey Benavides, Bridgeport, So

5.) Zach Zitek, Aquinas, Fr.

6.) Landon Zeckser, Doniphan-Trumbull, So.

COMMENTS: No changes. Second half of the season will separate these six guys.


1.) Caydon McCracken, Battle Creek, Jr.

2.) Casey Faulkenberry, Broken Bow, Fr.

3.) Seth Styskal, David City, Sr.

4.) Ryan Zoucha, Malcolm, Jr.

5.) Colton Rowse, Ord, So.

6.) Jacob Paczosa, St. Paul, Sr.

COMMENTS: McCracken is still undefeated and earns the number 1 spot. Faulkenberry beat Styskal to take over the number 2 spot. Everyone else stays the same.


1.) Lee Carlson, Sutton, Jr.

2.) Spencer Gaffney, Broken Bow, Jr.

3.) Brandon Schram, Tekamah-Herman, Jr.

4.) Talon Petska, Ord, Jr.

5.) Zack Barlean, David City, So.

6.) Jadden Treffer, Ravenna, Jr.

COMMENTS: Carlson stills holds the top spot followed closely by a tough Gaffney from Broken bow. The next 4 guys stay in their previous spots.  A couple of these guys are moving weight classes so the next couple weeks should be interesting.


1.) Gage Krolikowski, Valentine, So.

2.) Noah Styskal, David City, Jr.

3.) Patrick Powers, Broken Bow, So.

4.) Owen Lade, Battle Creek, So.

5.) Lane Bridgmon, Syracuse, Sr.

6.) Kobe Brandenburg, Central City, Jr.

COMMENTS: Krolikowski stays at the 1 spot followed by Styskal who beat Powers at the Valentine Invitational by 1 point.  The remaining spots stay the same.


1.) Jordan Kelber, Valentine, Sr.

2.) Cody Yawn, Pierce, Sr.

3.) Damien Kersten, Battle Creek, Jr.

4.) Lane Brown, Gibbon, Sr.

5.) Jacson Valentine, David City, So.

6.) Anton Carlson, Sutton, Sr.

COMMENTS: Kelber has looked dominate so far this season and stays at number 1. Yawn and Kersten have both looked good so far this year. Pretty wide open wight class after the top spot.


1.) Max Hughes, Syracuse, Sr.

2.) Evan Waddington, Wood River, Jr.

3.) Justin White, David City, Jr.

4.) JJ Ramon, Valentine, Sr.

5.) Brandon Wardman, North Bend, Sr.

6.) Chase Smith, Gibbon, Sr.

COMMENTS: Max Hughes has been dominating everything in his path so far this year to stay at number 1. Waddington and White both look good and earn the 2 and 3 spot. The next three spots stay the same.


1.) Melvin Hernandez, David City, Sr.

2.) Ty Heimes, Battle Creek, Jr.

3.) Talon Mues, Arlington, Jr.

4.) Chase Olson, Valentine, So

5.) Gavin Avery, Centennial, Sr.

6.) Easton Albrecht, Raymond Central, Jr.

COMMENTS: Hernandez stays in the number one spot. The next three guys have looked good and earn the 2nd,3rd, and 4th spot in the rankings. Easton Albrecht has beaten Avery head to head but was not rated before. He makes his debut at number 6.


1.) Cooper Bates, Wilber-Clatonia, Sr.

2.) Spencer Warner, Louisville, Sr.

3.) Joel Myers, Broken Bow, Sr.

4.) Jacob Tracy, Gibbon, Sr.

5.) Blake Heller, Battle Creek, Sr.

6.) Brody Benson, Valentine, Jr.

COMMENTS: Everyone stays the same. This is a wide open weight class so far.


1.) Kyle Petree, Aquinas, Sr.

2.) Caleb Long, Valentine, Jr.

3.) Zach Borer, North Bend, Jr.

4.) Tucker Schneiderheinz, Central City, Sr.

5.) Jaden Janssen, Crofton, Sr.

6.) Ryan Haskell, Madison, Sr.

COMMENTS: The top 3 guys have seperated themselves from the rest of the pack but the top 6 stay the same over all.


1.) Joel Hines, North Bend, Sr.

2.) Michael Coufal, Aquinas, Sr.

3.) Brady Hull, Logan View, Jr.

4.) Quentin Moles, Crofton, Sr.

5.) Clayton Koch, Arlington, Sr.

6.) Brady Knott, Louisville, So

COMMENTS: Hines beat Coufal and Hull to earn the top spot. Everyone else stays the same.


1.) Joseph Reimers, Aquinas, Jr.

2.) Donald Stephen, Valentine,Sr.

3.) Dalton Mueller, North Bend, Sr.

4.) Haydn Deinert, Malcolm. Jr.

5.) Luke Fairbanks, Bishop Neumann, Jr.

6.) Ethan Poppe, Crofton-Bloomfield, Sr.

COMMENTS: Reimers has definitely earned the top spot but everyone looks forward to the potential matchup at the Schuyler invitational between him and Stephen from Valentine.


1.) Ethan Gabriel, Ord, So.

2.) Marce Vasquez, Bridgeport, Sr.

3.) Wyatt Kee, Gibbon, Sr.

4.) Logan Schluckbeier, Lincoln Christian, Sr.

5.) Ryder Fuchs, Pierce, Jr.

6.) Brock Ray, North Bend, Sr.

COMMENTS: Gabriel has dominated not only Class C this year but just defeated two top five rated wrestlers in Class B. The next 5 guys will have to find a way to beat him.


1.) Bryan McGahan, Hershey, Sr.

2.) Treyvon Brooks, Broken Bow, Jr.

3.) Matt Eilers, David City, Sr.

4.) Julio Sanchez, Wakefield—Allen, Sr.

5.) Marshall Still, South Loup, Sr.

6.) Hunter Kocian, St. Paul, Sr.

COMMENTS: Pretty wide open weight class at this point in the season.


1.) Caleb Lefferdink, Syracuse, Sr.

2.) Aaron Hinojosa, Chase County, Sr.

3.) Evan Welsh, Bishop Neumann, Sr.

4.) Jacob Jerabek, ALC, So.

5.) Riley Moses, Fillmore Central, Jr.

6.) Hunter Rempe, South Central NE Unified District #5, Sr.

COMMENTS: Lefferdink stays at number 1 by beating Moses from Fillmore Central. The rest of the weight class looks tough and is right on Lefferdink’s heels.

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