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POSTED ON February 13th  - POSTED IN Ratings: Class C


  1. Valentine
  2. David City
  3. Syracuse
  4. Battle Creek
  5. Kearney Catholic
  6. O’Neill
  7. Ord
  8. Aquinas Catholic
  9. Broken Bow
  10. North Bend Central

Co – Raters: Jared Owens  Tekamah Herman  & Jason Freudenburg  Madison

Contenders, Ft. Calhoun, Cross County/Osceola Wood River Raymond Central

COMMENTS: Just some slight changes in the top ten teams. I have switched out Broken Bow and North Bend Central with Wood River and Raymond Central. I think that those two teams have more top to bottom complete teams and North Bend should push a bunch of kids through districts. The race for second place will be very close and will come down to who get who through districts.



  1. Valentine
  2. Battle Creek
  3. Syracuse
  4. Kearney Catholic
  5. David City
  6. Broken Bow
  7. North Bend Central
  8. Wilber-Claotonia
  9. Ord
  10. Sutton

Contenders: O’Neill, Aquinas Catholic

COMMENTS: The state dual championship also looks like a race for second place. It will all depend on the seeding after the district tournament. C-4 is the best bet as the district that gets more than two teams through and I think put 3 teams in. The top 8 teams is my guess on how they come seeded out of districts.




  1. Caydon McCraken Battle Creek
  2. Chase Olson Valentine
  3. Koby Brandenburg Central City
  4. Casey Benavides Bridgeport
  5. Ryan Zoucha Malcolm
  6. Colton Rowse Ord

Contenders: Layne Shiers KC, Caleb Smith BB, Tyler Curtis Ft. C, Beau Kaup LV, Mason Witt NBC

COMMENTS: McCraken maintains the top spot and Olson jumps to 2 with the win over Brandenburg. Benavides continues to look impressive out in the west. Zoucha has put together a great season so far and Rowse get the 6th spot even though he lost to Smith of BB because of some of the losses Smith has.


  1. Gage Krolikowski Valentine
  2. Seth Styskal David City
  3. Brandon Schram Tekamah Herman
  4. Lee Carlson Sutton
  5. Sam Saldivar JCC
  6. Spencer Gaffney Broken Bow

Contenders: Elias Lorenzo ON, Jacob Paczosa St. P, Talon Petska ORD, Tyric Beattie GIB, Gabriel Hillard KC

COMMENTS: Krolikowski has dominated the competition so far. Styskal has lost to Krowlikowski but beat Schram. Schram has beaten Carlson and Saldivar. Carlson has beaten Sladivar. Gaffney has gone on a tear that makes up for the early season loss to Petska. Petska, Paczosa, Beattie, and Hillard have all beaten each other and it could come down to match ups at the state tournament. Lorenzo has put together quite a good season so far.


  1. Clayton Glendy Broken Bow
  2. Evan Waddington Wood River
  3. Noah Styskal David City
  4. Brody Benson Valentine
  5. Owen Lade Battle Creek
  6. Lane Bridgmon Syracuse

Contenders: Quin Child G/R, Anton Carlson Sutton

COMMENTS: No changes at 120 Glendy is still the favorite with the early season win over Waddington. Waddington hasn’t lost since. Styskal has beaten Benson who beat Lade. Bridgemon has wrestled one of the toughest schedules and has done very well. Child and Carlson have put together nice season but both have lost to rated wrestlers.


  1. Jordan Kelber Val
  2. Wyatt Allan Wood River
  3. Justin White David City
  4. Damien Kersten Battle Creek
  5. Darryn Walters Mitchell
  6. Zach Rogers Kearney Catholic

Contenders: Chase Smith Gibb, Tylor Tobler Rav, Dawson Houge Con, Cody Pester Syr, Easton Albrecht RC, Talon Mues ARL.

COMMENTS: This is one of the deeper weights in class C. Kelber and Allan have dominated the competition so far. White has a win over Kersten, Kersten has a win over Rogers as does Walters. Rogers has beaten several contenders but has lost to a couple as well. All the contenders have beaten and lost to each other and the sixth spot will come down to how they finish at the district tournament.


  1. Max Hughes Syracuse
  2. Jeff Heinz Ft. Calhoun
  3. Carter Fleshman Kearney Catholic
  4. Ty Heimes Battle Creek
  5. Monte Mumm Raymond Central
  6. Jonah Heng Norfolk Catholic

Contenders: Cody Yawn PIE, Alex Dubas CC/O, Julian Ramon Val, Jacob Ray NBC, Armando Valencia LV.

COMMENTS: Hughes has only lost to out of class competition. Heinz has made the drop to 132 as has Dubas of CC/O  Fleshman has a win over Heimes and Heimes has wins over Heng and Yawn. Mumm’s only loss in C is to Hughes. Heng has split with Yawn but has won the last match.


  1. Melvin Hernandez David City
  2. Eric Pacheco Kearney Catholic
  3. Trenton Elliott Tekamah Herman
  4. Noah Eklund Valentine
  5. Ethan Mumm Raymond Central
  6. Ty Burkle Yutan

Contenders: Sebastian Montenegro Mad, Preston Bussey BC, Luke Haberman BN, Anthony Eickmeier AQU, Logan Belsky GR, Chandler Stone SUT, Dylan Hartline Ft. Calhoun

COMMENTS: Hernandez has beaten Pacheco. Pacheco has beaten Elliott and Elliott has beaten Eklund. Mumm has a win over Burkle who has a win over Bussey. Haberman and Eickmeier have put together great season as has Belsky and Stone who are returning medalist. Hartline has made the drop from 145 and will be in the mix come State. Montenegro has a win over Hartline.


  1. Caden Moore O’Neill
  2. Grant Albrecht Raymond Central
  3. Hudson Pearman Valentine
  4. Keegan Pope Syracuse
  5. Spencer Warner Louisville
  6. Ty Connely Kearney Catholic

Contenders: Ty Connely KC, Dillon Hupp NC.

COMMENTS: Moore was able to avenge his loss and owns a win over Pearman. Albrecht has several wins over Pope who has beaten Warner. Hartline last wrestled at 138 but I expect him back up when Heinz is in the line-up. Warner has put together a great season so far. Connely and Hupp continue to impress and should make things interesting at state.


  1. Marc Zeckser Doniphan Trumbull
  2. Caleb Long Valentine
  3. Jack Keating Kearney Catholic
  4. Cooper Bates Wilber Clatonia
  5. Levi Kult Yutan
  6. Jacob Tracy Gibbon

Contender: Cauy Shaw ON, Gavyn Bushkoetter SCNU.

COMMENTS: Zeckser still looks like the favorite here but Long is able to wrestle with anyone and has a win over Keating. Bates, Kult, and Tracy have been wrestling well. Shaw and Bushkoetter have excellent record and will make the state tournament interesting.


  1. Zac Borer Northbend Central
  2. Mitchell McWilliams Syracuse
  3. Kyle Petree Aquinas Catholic
  4. Stephen Duffy Shelton-Kenesaw
  5. Bryson Fisher Chase County
  6. Chase Becker Southern Valley

Contenders: Kieron Wenig VAL, Kaden Dawe ORD, Andrew Miller BB Stephen Duffy S/K.

COMMENTS: Borer is the favorite here. McWilliams has a win over Petree and will be opposite Borer at state as they are in the same district. Petree is a dangerous wrestler and seems to wrestle better the bigger the stage. Duffy, Fisher, and Becker have wins over the contenders. Miller has split with Dawe and Wenig can wrestle with anyone.


  1. Abe Hernandez Mitchell
  2. Jake Prochaska Centennial
  3. DJ Stephen Valentine
  4. Daniel Duffy Shelton-Kenesaw
  5. Gavin Trompke Ord
  6. Dalton Mueller Northbend Central

Contenders: Cooper VonSeggern W/P.

COMMENTS: Not many changes at 170. Hernandez still only has one loss to Melroy of Holdrege. Prochaska has also lost to Melroy but has a win over Stephen. Stephen, Duffy, and Trompke have only lost to top rated guys. Mueller has won the rubber Match with Vonseggern.


  1. Joseph Reimers Aquinas Catholic
  2. Jerrod Fedorchik Bridgeport
  3. Cody Thomas Wakefield
  4. Riley Smith Arlington
  5. Michael Hegge Ponca
  6. Brad Baasch Doniphan-Trumbull

Contenders: Ethan Poope CR/B, Ryder Fuchs PIE, Brock Ray NBC, Cole Fousek St. P, Jacob Lech ORD, Alex Chapa RAV.

COMMENTS: Reimers remains on top but don’t sleep on Fedorchik or Thomas who are both unbeaten. Hegge moves into the rankings with his wins over Poppe and Fuchs,   Smith, and Baasch all have wins over a couple of contenders.


  1. Ryan Worm David City
  2. Bailey Thompson O’Neill
  3. Ethan Gabriel Ord
  4. Marce Vasquez Bridgeport
  5. Logan Schluckebier Lincoln Christen
  6. Wyatt Kee Gibbion

Contenders Dean Haase VAL, Zachary Space CHA C, Tysen McDowell MIN, Hunter Kocian St. P, Tristian Kociemba BB, Riley Dillon PAL.

COMMENTS: Worm and Thompson have split with Worm winning the last match. Gabriel has only lost to Thompson, Vasquez has put together a solid season. Schlukebier and Kee have both beaten and lost to some ratings contenders. Another weight where draws at the state tournament will be a big factor in determining the last two spots.


  1. Jason Hahlbeck O’Neill
  2. Garrett Davidson Cross County/Osceola
  3. Jan-louw de Jager Battle Creek
  4. Evan Welsh Bishop Nuemann
  5. Moises Barboza Wakefield
  6. Aaron Hinojosa Chase County

Contender: Bryan McGahan HER.

COMMENTS: Still no changes at 220 Hahlbeck has more wins over the rest of the field at 220. Davidson is still unbeaten. De Jager has a win over Barboza and Barboza has a win over Hinojosa. Welsh has only lost to top rated guys in other classes and Hinojosa has a win over ratings contender McGahan.


  1. Caleb Lefferdink Syracuse
  2. Riley Homolka Wilber Clatonia
  3. Hunter Miller Cross County/Osceola
  4. Sam Cantu Norfolk Catholic
  5. Jared Fulton Valentine
  6. Hunter Rempe South Central Unified

Contenders: Riley Moses FIL C, Lane Hruby A/LC, Junior Sauceda S/K, Jose Murillo GIBB

COMMENTS: Lefferdink, Homolka, and Miller look like the top three. Cantu was beaten in OT by Miller Fulton has looked good this season with only some out of class or state losses. Rempe has split with Moses. All the contenders have beaten and lost to each other.


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