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1. Valentine
2. Battle Creek
3. David City
4. Kearney Catholic
5. O’Neill
6. Syracuse
7. Broken Bow
8. Ord
9. Sutton
10. Cross County/Osceola
Co-Raters: Jared Owens Tekamah Herman
(BOTH) Jason Freudenberg Madison

Contenders: Northbend Central, Aquinas Catholic

COMMENTS: Valentine will be hard for anyone to keep it close with the Badgers this year. Battle Creek has beaten O’Neill in a dual and Class D top 10 Creighton. David City looks to have a team that can compete with almost anyone is class C. Kearney Catholic has a dual win over Class D power Amherst. O’Neill has a lot of top end points but may struggle against the more complete teams in a dual. Broken Bow has a dual win over rated Ord. Sutton has a dual victory over Cross County/Osceola.


1. Valentine
2. David City
3. Kearney Catholic
4. Battle Creek
5. O’Neill
6. Syracuse
7. Cross County/Osceola
8. Aquinas Catholic
9. Broken Bow
10. Wilber Clatonia

Contenders: Ft. Calhoun, Raymond Central, Wood River, Northbend Central

COMMENTS: A little bit of shift happened with the new rating. Valentine is still the clear front-runner with someone rated in 11 weight classes. David City moves into the number two slot with 5 rated wrestlers and several near the top. Kearney Catholic is 3rd with 4 rated wresters and number 1 and number 2 rated wrestlers. Battle Creek also has 4 rated wrestlers with one number 1 rated wrestler. O’Neill is 5th with 2 number 1 rated wrestlers and 3 total rated wrestlers. Syracuse is 6th with 3 rated wrestlers and a number 1 and 2 rated wrestler. Cross County/Osceola enters the rankings with 4 rated wrestlers and a number 2 rated wrestler. Aquinas has a number 1 and 2 rated wrestler. Broken Bow and Wilber Clatonia has 2 rated wrestlers and a number 1 rated wrestler. Both teams also had a couple of wrestlers that were considered for the rankings and that is why they get the nod over Ft. Calhoun.


1. Caydon McCraken Battle Creek
2. Seth Styskal David City
3. Koby Brandenburg Central City
4. Garrett Battershaw Valentine
5. Layne Shiers Kearney Catholic
6. Colton Rowse Ord

COMMENTS : McCraken is still on top with his only losses are to out of class competition and has the win over Styskal at the state tournament last year. Styskal’s only loss is to out of class competition as well. Brandenburg and Shiers own wins over Rowse and Battershaw has only lost to out of state competition

1. Lee Carlson Sutton
2. Jacob Paczosa St. Paul
3. Spencer Gaffney Broken Bow
4. Brandon Schram Tekamah Herman
5. Sam Saldivar Johnson County Central
6. Talon Petska Ord

COMMENTS: Carlson has a win over Pazzosa of St. Paul and is unblemished. Paczosa has common over Gaffney. Gaffney has split with newcomer Petska. Schram has only lost to out of class competition. Saldivar has not been beaten this year. Petska has split with Gaffney and enters the rankings

1. Clayton Glendy Broken Bow
2. Evan Waddington Wood River
3. Noah Styskal David City
4. Gage Krolikowski Valentine
5. Quin Child Gordon/Rushville
6. Cristian Carranza Cross County/Osceola

COMMENTS: Glendy has only one loss gave Waddington his only loss. Styskal has only lost in ot to out of class competition. Krolikowski right now is at 120 but could drop to 113. Child has some quality wins but lost to Krolikowski. Carranza has beaten some ratings contenders after dropping from 126

1. Jordan Kelber Valentine
2. Wyatt Allan Wood River
3. Justin White David City
4. Damien Kersten Battle Creek
5. Tyler Tobler Ravenna
6. Chase Smith Gibbon

COMMENTS: Kelber remains unbeaten on the year as is Allan. Allan has beaten Tolber and Smith. White has only lost to out of class competition. Kersten’s only loss is to out of class competition. Tobler and Smith both beat ratings contender Mues of Arlington.

1. Max Hughes Syracuse
2. Cody Yawn Pierce
3. Carter Fleshman Kearney Catholic
4. Monte Mumm Raymond Central
5. Julian Ramon Valentine
6. Tanner Ives South Central Unified

COMMENTS: Hughes, Yawn, and Fleshman are all unbeaten. Mumm and Ramon have only lost to out of class competition and have been dominate in other matches. Ives defeated previously rated Davis of Wilber-Clatonia

1. Anthony Pacheco Kearney Catholic
2. Noah Eklund Valentine
3. Dylan Hartline Ft. Calhoun
4. Preston Bussey Battle Creek
5. Alex Dubas Cross County/Osceola
6. Ethan Mumm Raymond Central

COMMENTS: Pacheco and Eklund have been dominating so far this season and remain unbeaten. Hartline has only lost to out of class competition. Bussey has several quality wins and no bad losses. Dubas has made the drop from 145 and owns a win over Mumm. Mumm has only one other loss to an out of class wrestler.

1. Jeff Heinz Ft Calhoun
2. Grant Albrecht Raymond Central
3. Caden Moore O’Neill
4. Hudson Pearman Valentine
5. Melvin Hernandez David City
6. Keegan Pope Syracuse

COMMENTS: This looks to be the most exciting weight class in Class C this year even if one or two guys move weight classes. The Top four are still undefeated at this point and if Hernandez stays the top five have all been in the finals at some point in their careers. Pope has several wins and common opponents wins over ratings contenders.

1. Marc Zeckser Doniphan Trumbull
2. Jack Keating Kearney Catholic
3. Cooper Bates Wilber Clatonia
4. Gavyn Bushkoetter South Central Unified
5. Jacob Tracy Gibbon
6. Caleb Long Valentine

COMMENTS: Zeckser and Keating are both undefeated. Bates owns a win over Bushkoetter and gave him his only loss. Tracy has a couple wins over ratings contenders and Long has only been beaten by a teammate and rated Pearman.

1. Zac Borer Northbend Central
2. Kyle Petree Aquinas Catholic
3. Levi Kult Yutan
4. Kieron Wenig Valentine
5. Mitchell McWilliams Syracuse
6. Andrew Miller Broken Bow

COMMENTS: Borer has been dominating so far winning every match by over 10 points or pin. Petree and Kult have only lost to out of weight or class competition. Wenig is unbeaten at this point. McWilliams has some very quality wins over the first third of the season. Miller has split matches with Dawe of Ord and won the most recent one.

1. Abe Hernandez Mitchell
2. DJ Stephen Valentine
3. Jake Prochaska Centennial
4. Dalton Mueller Northbend Central
5. Daniel Duffy Shelton-Kenesaw
6. Gavin Trompke Ord

COMMENTS: Hernandez has only lost to a rated class B and owns a win over Trompke. Stephen, Prochaska, and Mueller are all unbeaten. Duffy and Trompke both have wins over a couple different rating contenders.

1. Joseph Reimers Aquinas Catholic
2. Jerrod Fedorchik Bridgeport
3. Cody Thomas Wakefield
4. Riley Smith Arlington
5. Ethan Poppe Crofton-Bloomfield
6. Ryder Fuchs Pierce

COMMENTS: Thompson last wrestled at 195 and that moves the unbeaten Reimers to the top spot at 182. Fedorchik and Thomas are also undefeated. Smith has only one loss to a Class A wrestler. Poppe and Fuchs have split matches this season with Poppe coming out on top on the last match they wrestled. And Fuchs has a win over ratings contender Ray of Northbend.

1. Bailey Thompson O’Neill
2. Dean Haase Valentine
3. Ryan Worm David City
4. Ethan Gabriel Ord
5. Logan Schluckebier Lincoln Christen
6. Rilley Dillon Palmayra

COMMENTS: Thompson last wrestled at 195 and takes over the top spot with only losses coming to very tough class A wrestlers. Haase , Worm, and Gabriel are unbeaten on the year so far. Schluckbier has a win over Dillon of Palmayra. Dillon was able to twice defeat a wrestler that handed him his loss

1. Jason Hahlbeck O’Neill
2. Garrett Davidson Cross County/Osceola
3. Jan-louw de Jager Battle Creek
4. Evan Welsh Bishop Nuemann
5. Moises Barboza Wakefield
6. Aaron Hinojosa Chase County

COMMENTS: Hahlbeck and Davidson remain unbeaten on the year. De Jager has looked impressive in his wins so far on the year. Welsh has lost his only wrestled match of the year so far but I expect him to return back to form after the moratorium and be in the hunt for the finals. Barboza has been dominate so far this season in his wins and Hinojosa has a couple of wins over ratings contenders.

1. Riley Homolka Wilber Clatonia
2. Caleb Lefferdink Syracuse
3. Hunter Miller Cross County/Osceola
4. Riley Moses Fillmore Central
5. Hunter Rempe South Central Unified
6. Jared Fulton Valentine

COMMENTS: Homolka, Lefferdink, and Miller are all unbeaten against some excellent competition thus far into the season. Moses has a win over Rempe of South Central Unified. Rempe has been some quality wins over ratings contenders and Fulton remains unbeaten but only has 5 matches.

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